Friday, April 12, 2013

Meeting psychiatry half way

Idealism. Who is going to have to cross the river? Not the protesters! Been there and done that after being abducted, drugged, threatened and brain-washed… Besides, they're boring over there, very little understanding of art and healing.

What should be happening to meet half way? People with lived-experience should be included in crisis-assessment and certainly there is a major right being violated when a person with lived-experience is not included on the Mental Health Review Board. (Which at the moment is utterly biased. Totally on psychiatry's side of the river.)

What? Does society actually think we're not capable? Recovery is more than just possible. It is something that would be happening more than it is, if we were not drugged and denied recovery. And, people with lived-experience are generally more understanding of others in crisis who are experiencing an altered state of consciousness, because they've been through something similar themselves. People with lived-experience have a vastly better understanding of coping mechanisms, and, I know it would've calmed me down immensely, when I was in a crisis state, to know there was someone who was meeting me on my side of the river.


  1. Perfect and powerful NO, so moving it reminds me of Martin Luther King's epic calls. So heartfelt and true and such an honest message; it will bring the hardest of hearts onboard; STRONG!!

  2. Sounds great but will the discrimination Stop/ NO it is the big pill pushers way to put more monies in their pockets...

    1. Pill-pushing is one thing, governments that condone psychiatrists' repeated assaults in the 2nd degree, is something else again. A 'river' divides those of us who are humane and those of us who are not. I don't cross that river. And yes, like any abuse, discrimination, racism, or other 'ism' of hate-crime, psychiatric statements must be stopped. They are threatening, fear-inducing and perpetuating the current crimes against humanity.