Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Discuss this disgusting!

It isn't just the 'use' of these toxic substances, it is the forcing of these toxins on unwilling people, then making them fill out research forms, as they hope that this 200 years of psychiatric enslaving of humans as laboratory animals doesn't continue.

The horror of this still not discussed on mainstream media. How disgusting for those who are given the position and pay to be spokespersons for public broadcast, that they do not speak of the 1.5 billion people currently subjected to psychiatry's torture regimes.

There is no excuse for enslaving humans as laboratory animals, especially when the population has the gall to call this 'care' and label those enslaved as 'consumers.'
These psychiatrists are the monsters that can force parents to hand their children over to them, so they can drug them, electrocute them and then hold power over the children they stole into adulthood, use them while enslaving them as human laboratory animals, and then use them even past death as laboratory corpses. The horror. This holocaust. Don't deny the 6 million Australians subjected to so much abuse via psychiatry.
Discuss this disgusting outrageous abuse of Australian people under the guise of 'medicine'. Expose these whitecoats who keep their abuses quiet by diagnosing the truth!

As for those child ‘schizophrenia’ videos...

These videos were advertised big time on YouTube in 2012-2013, along with the Oprah Winfrey interview with the family. I reported the video makers for child abuse, so did many other people. The video makers kept advertising though. In a society that openly gets children to believe in Santa & the Tooth Fairy... and an imaginary cat is 'schizophrenia'?! Also, the child put her foot in front of the camera and said she did not wish to speak to Oprah, the TV crew persisted in exposing this child despite her wishes. Horrible. I don't want to think about it further.

The parents would've pointed their child as a witch/possessed to witchhunters prior to 1735. Psychiatry just replaces that urge in some people to scape-goat what they can't face as a mirror to themselves, or a challenge to their agenda... etc

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