Friday, May 6, 2016

Enslaved Human Laboratory animals are NOT consumers

I know a lot of people put up with a lot, get used to their lot, believe what they're told and keep their faith that doctors do no harm. I'm a person that doesn't do that. When I've pretended to, it was only to escape the whitecoats use of me.

I've written to a number of polies trying to get changes happening, not only to stop forced treatment & commitment, but also fumes in closed spaces, petrol in foods and a number of other outrageous things our society accepts as okay, when it is not.

Instead of despairing, I've found some like-minded Australians who agree and will also run for the Senate & we can make some noise, ask questions... get the community aware.

5700+ people subjected Involuntary Treatment Orders per year, in Victoria, is not a small number, particularly when you take into account those people, whom I've spoken to, who have been way too bullied all their life to challenge authority. Once a person has been through a place like Lurundel, or had forced treatment from a very young age, it makes it extremely difficult for a person to ever challenge the psychiatric regime again.

Really uncertain why 'consumer' is used for people subjected to psychiatric treatments, commitment and laws that defy ethics. People who tell me they think the meaning of 'consumer is 'obvious'. I've heard this line a number of times, I find it to not be true. I was consumed by systemic whitecoat slave-drivers who used me as a human laboratory animal, made money out of the use of me, then wish to call that 'care' and 'help' and collect $13 billion in tax payer funds for harming me and 6 million other Australians.
Psychiatrists consume us. And, no one outside the MHS knows this term 'consumer' to be a term used as a euphemism for 'mental patient' or current/former psychiatric patient, or  that it is also used for people choosing to use services like education while in jail. It is an imposition. It ties innocent people in with jailed people, who get to choose services while doing time for offenses they have been convicted of.

For the enslaved human laboratory animals, to be called 'consumers' by our government, yet not having consumer law protection, it's ridiculous. So, what's to give? These words, psychiatrisms, are a slap in my face, frightening, because they are used every day to belittle people into feeling like 'useless eaters' to be used however the whitecoats wish.

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