Monday, May 23, 2016

Free Clint Palmer

'This is a recording outside Maroochydore courthouse yesterday. You will see people being interviewed but our faces are not allowed to be shown or our identities revealed due to unresolved outcome of the hearing You will see a girl with a tattoo and singlet top and shorts on. That is Clint's carer. being dressed the way she is for a court hearing is showing total disrespect for the law and her position as his carer. Clint was dribbling quite a lot. When i saw that i went to get a tissue or something to wipe his mouth. While i went to do this his carer grab a roll of toilet paper to wipe his mouth. She wouldn't have done anything if i hadn't done it first. So who is really the person who cares for Clint certainly not her.She wouldn't talk to the media Clint's mum or me. She totally ignored us. This Graceville house where Clint resides is supposed to be Christian based.As far as im concerned the closed thing i have seen to Christianity in that place is persecution.'

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