Monday, July 11, 2016

Make psychiatry invalidated

The world-wide network of psychiatry is using our citizens for the cruellest biological experiments, by force, all endorsed by our elected Minsters. Yet the mainstream media says nothing.

McDonaldisation of social crisis, is putting it mildly. When 'senior politicians in Canberra regret how quickly the program has been expanded but they said Headspace could not be challenged because it was like "questioning the Pope"' that's when I just think... how could you be so cowardly. You've got to question the Pope! Children have been harmed under the church. And many, many people have been harmed under psychiatry.

And as a 4th Generation atheist I shouldn't have to be told how-to behave by an organisation, psychiatry, that obviously is religious (its logo has a religious symbol on it). I question religion and yes I will always have percipience, as the world always changes and needs to be sensed & made sense of. How dare that become a diagnosis for an organisation of religious twats to diagnose.

Any reasonable person would try any means to be free from being tortured by psychiatrists.

Diagnosis of perception is discriminatory. Psychiatry is entirely discriminatory. And look at the stats on the difference between the psychiatric profession and other professions in Australia. Psychiatry, as a profession, is NOT NORMAL.

More stats here

That's right: Psychiatry is really very far from normal

There are far more old men working in it than women, far more non-citizens than other professions.

Psychiatry has also experienced extreme job growth in Australia, a near 500% increase in the past 5 years compared to other professions that have had only 14%.

Whoohoo! This would be amazing entrepreneurial work, until you recognise that people are forced, threatened and coerced to be ‘consumers’ of psychiatry. Then you should realise, if you have any intelligence, that this is very, very ugly. People who are employed in biological experients as specimens for science, are very desperate, and usually paid a lot. How much are those forced to undergo psychiatry’s chemical and electrical intrusions? Nothing. They are enslaved.

Now, there are such people that are masochists (some plainsfolk whitecoterie propaganda aplenty, and nothing from survivors). Don't be ridiculous, if you think quarter of Australia’s population is into assisted self-harm, they are not. Quarter of the Australian population is forced, coerced and threatened into suffering psychiatry's abuse of them.

In Victoria, every year there are 5700 people who say no I don’t want to be electrically or chemically treated, it is harm not help. Yet will be forced to undergo treatments. Those 5700 people go unheard on mainstream media, while the mere 4000 psychiatrists employed in Australia get to chatter on TVs and radios Nation-wide about their specimens they use. Those psychiatrists get to victim-blame us. It’s outrageous.

The patriarchy of psychiatry, the older generation that is psychiatry telling the younger how-to behave in a world that is not going to be theirs much longer, and the non-citizens who are more likely to be able to escape our laws… all doing horrendous harm to Australian citizens.

From the massive earnings upon graduation, compared to other professions, to the 0% unemployment.

There's only 4000 psychiatrists working in Australia, why are they being listened to more than the 6 million Australians they torture? Why are these whitecoats given credence and air-play and publication so they can spread lies about the people they abuse?

Let's not let this religion with its cross icon, that tries to get away with calling itself 'medicine' continue being a ruling elite, enslaving people into horrific experiments because our government in Canberra, doesn't dare question it.

I will. I will though.

My question for Q&A ABC this week:


  1. Very True! Great Article. Enough of this evil experiment. On a less known side note you may want to or not look into the validity of Notice how all the nazi generals mass experiment torturers got put up for justice yet all the medical torturers psychiatrists got away with runaway help for visa's, safe passage and new jobs in this kind of way? my teen hospital psyche qualified in Argentina (a famous runaway nazi country) and was worshipped by all the staff as a god figure for no understandable reason. people thought his reservedness mysteriousness was just part of his "pshyciatric" genious. I attempted to make a steralizing the mentally ill awareness blog. victims obviously can't really talk about it because it is a de-masculating genocide torture and tottally un-natural. Keep wearing the shirts people

  2. I am Glenn Floyd Australian Senate candidate and my 4.5 years of working among those people who have been destroyed by lethal toxic drug-pushing psychiatrists convinces me that psychiatrists are fucking shit! They deliberately willfully and knowingly kill; and on-masse; with reckless, criminal moral indifference; solely for money

  3. Great article-Like the stats- I just cant get how so many people believe in the misery makers, sellers, creators, of misery look and see- be--- see John- see Betty- their sick - see- that's what it's like today- and the people are the kids reading it- reciting it.