Friday, July 22, 2016

Media bias against survivors & their allies

Media Bias, against human rights reporters, and media bias in favour of human rights abusers’ doublespeak propaganda -  it’s everywhere in Australian reportage, everywhere in our awards and grants system. It stinks like a neighbours illicit drug-making operation, you're not sure what to do about.

When I’m talking about mainstream media, especially government sponsored media, being biased in their reporting of human rights, particularly that regarding people being tortured and enslaved by psychiatry. I mean, reporting that allows those who are violating citizens rights, to be the author of articles published in mainstream press, that attempt to claim that they’ve just put together the best of the best in the nation, when that's not true. When the opposite is true.

            False advertising for the whitecoats, not only that, but also really violating the people enslaved by psychiatry, as well as authors who are psychiatric survivors and human rights activists, who  see articles that are later corrected, after the legislation has been drummed into the public as sound and secure human rights legislation.

This is just one example: The Drum regrets original version of this article did not include the declaration of Dr Leslie Cannold's position on the Mental Health Tribunal. A declaration which the public really needed to know at the time, as well as the article being sponsored by P.Bogfart of the Whatever Party, paid for by that rancid organisation with the cross and knight insignia: RANZCP 

Regrets like the Victorian Mental Health Act 2014... What reform exactly was there, in that Act from the 1984 Rights for Psychiatry to Enslave & Torture Act?

Victoria still has the highest rate of forced treatment of non-criminals, per capita, in the world. And by non-criminals I mean people who have NEVER been charged with a crime, and never could, because they never did anything to cross laws that make sense, but somehow 'appeared to be mentally ill' to some psychiatrist diagnosing their perception and distress as a 'serious mental illness' for whatever P.Bogfart reason.

Lots of awards are given to white-coteries, like Cannold, who hold human-rights back over 200 years and profit from disgusting human rights violations.

Humanist of the year? For eff's sake! Grow up Australia!

WTF! Cannold has been given a writers studio at Abbotsford Convent, where little girls were put to hard labour, doing all the laundry for the profiteering convent, as well as cafes, restaurants and motels. Then, they were slandered as 'whores' and shamed into never seeking compensation. Even with Ireland's similar Magdalene Convent Laundries, some of those who suffered got compensation and validation for their grief.
Little girls who were imprisoned for hard-labour at Abbotsford, that got slandered as whores, think of those Dr L. Cannold, while in that writer appointed Studio C2.54 at Abbotsford Convent! But you won't, you'll write a story about the 'hard working Nuns'.
Yes, of course the victims of psychiatry, or the victims of Abbotsford Convent just wish to forget the past and get on with their lives. And for a while, those women who were brutalised as young girls had no choice but to do that. (Only venting occasionally to those they could trust).
Yet this is the reportage, ‘Australia did have a similar system' to the Magdalene Laundries,  'conditions were indeed harsh, but it remains not easy to gain a just overview of what happened. Views conflict sharply. Apparently genuine memories of very oppressive conditions conflict with nun’s recollections of their doing their best for difficult cases.’
Oh the nuns doing their very best, like the psychiatrists doing their very best to abuse people and use them for profits and then cover it up as 'care' and 'help.'
Australia is very good at cover-ups, better than Ireland. And I think Victoria is probably the Human Rights Abuse State of the world, placing violators in positions as writers, artists, critics... and never allowing the victims of crime to speak, if they are determined to tell the truth, even when they have the qualifications in form of diplomas, bachelors, PHDs...

This MHS has to go, it's based in eugenics doctrine. It's holding the Civil Rights Movement back.

We need to reclaim our day from those who wish us to be seen as 'specimens'.

  • 'Post-war Australia was categorised by a new era of nation building led by the conservative Robert Menzies as Prime Minister. There was a perceived need for strict discipline for juveniles. Children could be placed in juvenile detention centres despite not having committed a criminal offence. Further, during this period there was a concern that 'sexually depraved girls' could be a cause of delinquency and therefore needed to be separated from the mainstream. As a result of these attitudes, many vulnerable children were criminalised.'
  • Alliance for Forgotten Australians

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