Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hatch the world recognition for psychiatric abuse

In any language it is the same. Use of humans for laboratory experiments, victim-blaming when the victims of psychiatry attempt to ask for their human rights.

Bring on the voice-activated teddy-bear recordings uploading straight to YouTube, or recording devices on things we can hide in earrings... or clothing, or our contact lenses. Whatever cannot easily be taken away.

(Psychiatry in Germany today & T4 is the same in any language)

Don't let double-speak 'health' take away our human rights days. WHO are they to think they can do that? Hatch the world's recognition for psychiatry's abuse of so many.

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  1. This systematic institutionalized cruelty and torture caused only by lethal rogue-butchering psychiatrists feeding parasitically off the $multi-Billions health budget. It is the cause of psychosis, lost lives and death! psychiatry MUST DIE! www.glennfloyd.org/PANDEMIC.pdf