Monday, December 18, 2017

40% of Australians get mentally-illed

Greg Hunt, the Health Minister is peddling the idea that 40% of Australians being used forcibly for human experimentation, is a great idea.

Near half a billion is being given by the Australian Government for Human Research.

How many people in other funded research areas besides Mental Health, are suffering iatrogenic effects of forced psychiatric drugs? 
- Exploitation & oppression rort Mental Health $ 53,357,755
- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health $ 31,345,012 (1st Nations Peoples are 5 times more likely to be subjected forcibly to psychiatric torture.)

human research on people who potentially are suffering due to iatrogenic harm caused by forced psychiatry *Cloud Studies*
- Psychdrugs cause Cancer $ 109,372,127
- Psychdrugs cause Cardiovascular Disease $ 96,807,391
- Psychdrugs cause Diabetes $ 48,138,328
- Psychdrugs cause Injury $ 28,487,333
- Psychdrugs cause what is seen as Dementia $ 14,278,383
- Psychdrugs cause Obesity $ 13,078,741
- Psychdrugs cause Asthma $ 12,335,400
- Psychdrugs cause Arthritis and Osteoporosis $ 10,397,697 (a psychiatrist told me about this one, but still kept me on the drugs claiming 'we must weight up the balances')

There is no reason for forced psychiatry, psychiatrists are unreasonable exploiters
I was told repeatedly by psychiatrists from 1998 to 2012 that I had a 'chemical imbalance'. I asked those psychiatrists to prove it. They said they couldn't do that without taking samples of brain tissue. And I asked how they knew, and the one psychiatrist said they only knew because of studies on rats and people who had died. From my understanding psychiatrists hated it when I spoke metaphorically, they saw that as 'diseased' thinking. Psychiatrists are just exploiters, violent exploiters. To say they cannot see the pain and suffering they forcibly put VOP through, is to say that psychiatrists are machines that cannot sense. The point is psychiatrists know exactly how horrible the torture they put VOP through is. It's just that they choose to use substitution (something actors do for performance of fiction or historical characters). Psychiatrists choose to substitute us for specimens in a petri-dish, or some kind of 'pest' that society wants eradicated.  Is this something 40% of the Australian population should be subjected to? No! No one deserves that, no one deserves to be subjected to forced human experimentation

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