Monday, December 18, 2017

Sterilisation & Human Research

Chemical sterilisation through psychiatric drugs, is something that many Australians are not aware of. They are not aware that eugenics-stigma-targeting exists even more than it did early last century.

Half the people that die in Australia each year access PBS psychiatric drug prescriptions. The average person of those 4 million people, that were on the PBS psychiatric drug list, is on 9 different psychiatric drugs. PBS does not include 1st Nations Peoples in the NT, or the Military. 

AND THE PEOPLE THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SUBJECTS TO Forced Human Experimentation, are called 'BURDENS'. The Au govt gets $8 for every $1 invested in #FHE 

#FreeGarthDaniels #FreeJillJolliffe and millions of other Australians from the eugenics-stigma-targeting violations done under the Mental Health Acts in Australia.
PBS drugs prescriptions are just one kind of Human Research that psychiatrists in Australia forcibly perpetration on people who say no they don't want it and mean it.
Women who take contraception devices and drugs end up also being prescribed psychiatric drugs. The devices are then recognised as an experimental fail, when they were marketed as 'safe' and 'effective.'
Choice, is about actually choosing, in a system of force such as people are under in Australia, with the  State/ Territory Mental Health Acts, there is no choice, only force and coercion under duress of force.
Disgusting Australia! Stop allowing psychiatrists to forcibly sterilise, violate, torture, arbitrarily detain. Sign EN0422

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