Monday, December 18, 2017

Robert Whitaker- Les racines de l’épidémie psychiatrique - PsykoVision -...

 In 2011 - 2012,
the psychiatrist that held me in bondage to him, he wanted total submission to
his use of me, utilisation of my body for his tests of chemicals. He put me
into a constant state of threats of much worse, fear of being accused of
‘deteriorating’ or ‘not complying.’ He didn’t want to detect any reaction from
my body that might indicate I disproved of his violations, he wanted to be at
ease that I was thoroughly indoctrinated, trusting and venerating his every
command. If he could smell a whiff of fear sweating from my apocrine glands, I
would be called to account for my ‘hygiene’ and would be threatened with
arbitrary detention and increased dose of torture, he dubbed 'required
medicine' if I didn’t wear deodorants that stung and blistered my underarms.
That psychiatrist, he forced me to pull down my pants as he got his staff to
stick pricks full of poison in me each fortnight, or I would be put in
arbitrary detention, dose increase, tied down, maybe even electrocuted. I
feigned that I had an epiphany, that I needed his abuse, and with much measured
interrogation, he was suitably satisfied I’d do his bidding without giving him
trouble, and if I didn’t, he could just easily get me again, so I got to go on his
pet research project on a new drug. Horrible drug too, but with a pill, I could
pretend I took it, and only take a little when I saw him, so I could clearly
look him in the eye and say I’d taken it, because if he suspected I didn’t a
blood test would be ordered.

Neuroleptics are the most horrible torture, that shuts
down your ability to communicate, as well as your physical ability. It’s worse
than any other torture, it deprives you of yourself.

Please makes sure that Australia repeals the Mental
Health Acts, that enable psychiatrists to forcibly exploit millions of people
for invasive, cruel human experimentation . I have until Jan 3rd to get
signatures on this Government e-petition

Please think of those #VOP who are, or are yet to be
arbitrarily detained & tortured 24/7 indefinitely during the holiday
season, while the rest of Australia is feasting and laughing.

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