Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Some people who profit by bio-psychiatry, or think they do because they've been inducted by the advertising, would like to tell me not to talk about psychiatry truthfully, even though I'm a psychiatric survivor who experienced 14 years of torture, via the hands of psychiatrists and my government that supports forced drugging and electrocution. I'd happily stop talking about the abuses of psychiatry, if psychiatry stopped abusing people. I'd happily ignore it. But, right now, the reality is:

(I'll just rephrase that a bit for those who didn't think that poster was clear enough.) Psychiatrists get monetary power-trip enjoyment out of harming people, fucking them, whoring them for drug testing, making them feel like something far less relevant than animals, who have activists signing up corporations and famous movie stars to aid in their fight to stop animals being harmed.

I hope you understand by now, and I don't have to reiterate in yet another way what's happening to people in Australia,  to children, adults, the elderly... Nearly 50 per cent of the population, according to Better, are 'mentally ill'. Nearly 50 per cent of Australians are um... huh? Hypnotised into thinking they can have a panacea for emotional pain. Sorry folks grief is natural, hearing voices is often an aspect of letting go of a loved one, or loved life-style, as well as depression, anxiety, and doing rituals and... psychiatry is a weird cult you don't want to get into. I've never got into religions or cults, that's why psychiatry immediately struck me as non-medical, not scientific, not helpful and a self-serving suck on government funds. Please read enough to know what makes genuine sense and what doesn't.

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