Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stigma? Oh that, it's never going to go away...

Father of the shooter believed that the mass murderer’s artistic skills, masked his football aptitudes. ‘Footballers hurt people, artists just don’t,’ he said. ‘I’ve been scouring job recruiting articles for an answer, that’s what I think it is. He was footballistic, not just artistic.’
An analogy, yes... so understand,
It's not okay to use the same terms of abuse for victims of crimes, that are used for perpetrators ie 'schizophrenia'. It is not okay to use a medical diagnosis to condemn a person to torture. Hearing voices is a natural human experience, it is NOT an indication of being inhumane, it's actually about people who attempt to think about other's points of view, that the individual does not agree with, but because those opinions have been imposed on people, the cornered person has to think about them, in a way that doesn't change their core identity. When a person is upset by voices, it's generally an indication of a societal problem, a silence, abuse, vilification and secrecy, that needs to have open, but safe discussion with people who are trustworthy, not bio-psychiatrists who are liable to drug a child/ adult for attempting to speak out against bullying and discrimination, because they are expressing this in a symbolic way, or from another point of view, as well displaying emotional distress, or shock.

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