Saturday, March 8, 2014

Victoria wants to continue electrocuting children

Do not allow the state of Victoria (Australia) to continue its barbaric practises. It's amazing how psychiatrists and their cult following, can claim using Propofol (the drug that killed Michael Jackson)  to knock a child out, every week for at least 10 consecutive operations of brain-damaging electrocution can be called 'health care'. Especially when the children suffering emotional crisis, alienation, grief, have not had their truths witnessed or validated. Perhaps abuse hasn't even been stopped, rather the child is made to feel they're 'wrong', 'faulty' and must be punished with electrocution like a US mass murderer on death row, and must 'put up with' the other abuses as well.

Victorian people must gain understanding of what they're doing to children, who do not want to be harmed this way, who are often victims of crime, or suffering loss, or had trauma while they were in the womb.
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Adherence to the system, so 'to avoid confronting repressed early suffering'. (The truth will set you free, Alice Miller, 2001). This is the reason why some children who've suffered psychiatric abuse, might later, while still in 'care' defend psychiatry vehemently. 'Talking liberates prisoners from their blindness, giving them access to awareness and protecting them from mindless acting out... The recognition and admiration desperately needed, which was denied them in childhood... Unlike adult survivors of torture, children subjected to organised humiliation do not recount what has been done to them. They are too ashamed.' But will, 'inflict their own children with the same treatment they endured.'

Here's a direct link to Victoria's new draconian Mental Health Act to be put into for July 2014.

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