Thursday, March 13, 2014

When pills are in your life rather than people

And, for the public’s information and safety, films like ‘Osage County’ need to not mislead the public. A person addicted to as many barbiturates and SSRIs as the mother in this film is, cannot go cold turkey, or reduce quickly without a huge risk of heart attack occurring.

             When a person takes substances every day for weeks, or months, the body and mind adjusts to the chemicals, when they’re withdrawn, the body and mind goes into shock and doesn’t know how to adjust, and that can be fatal.

             Alcoholics have to dry out carefully. I don’t understand how this film got past the censors. If someone copies what the Julia Roberts character did in the film, they could kill the person who is addicted to such substances.
Anyway until all Medical Practitioners agree to help people safely withdraw from psychiatric drugs, there's  a free guide HERE as well as the new ICARUS project guide

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