Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not a chemical imbalance protest T-shirt slogans

Not sure what happens when these T-shirts are worn. I haven’t actually bought mine yet.  But I will. In the mean time I’ll keep making them, as possibilities…

Testing out the public with such things as social protest, against laws that are criminal, which the general public don’t understand, due to media propaganda, can be tricky, but it is worth a try.

Here’s some slogans that I’ve come up with recently: click here to go to Redbubble site to see more

I need a healer not a drug dealer by Initially NO

Peer-support is not a psychiatrist's parrot by Initially NO

Patient's rights by Initially NO
We must end the psychiatric regime in 2013 by Initially NO
RANZCP, what exactly are you celebrating? by Initially NO

(Read the fine print on this one)
Also check out the new ones!








·         Psychiatry is a dysfunction!




·         Psychiatry is criminal!












 and more!
Start your own Ts for a healthy society and let me me know about it..

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