Thursday, December 27, 2012

When psychiatrists mistake identity and drug someone not ‘mentally ill’

Another man has been picked up by WA police, wrongly identified as the missing patient, and given an antipsychotic drug to treat schizophrenia. He had a bad reaction and was taken to hospital where the mistake was discovered.

Those responsible must be held accountable. Yet many others who have suffered similar identity mistakes and drugged by psychiatry, are afraid and don’t want to be further traumatised by taking action against the state, according to Sandra Boulter.

This distress suffered again and again by so many, forcefully injected with psychiatric drugs… there is no excuse.

Psychiatrists don’t listen to what people say. They do not even listen to their nurses, who might actually have more understanding of the psychiatric patient they are advocating on behalf of. No wonder Western Australian treating psychiatrists just dismissed their mistake of identity as the patient’s ‘delusion’. They do this sort of thing time and time again, with things like a person’s complaint of traumatic abuse they have suffered, a person’s complaint about how much they are suffering due to the ‘medications’ they are forced to take, or that they’ve had a bad experience, or are allergic to a given drug, or that another person on the ward is harming them. Or, that they'd prefer, and need to have other less invasive treatments such as psychotherapy, art therapy, or acupuncture, or Chinese herbs, or vitamins, rather than psychiatric drugs.

                When are psychiatrists going to be forced to check a patient’s record to find out not only identity, but what they are allergic to? It is so easy now. That kind of information could be got at a click of a button.

                It’s about being decent. Checking for things like allergies and identity, instead of hauling a person straight away into seclusion and injecting them with harmful and potentially lethal drugs.

Psychiatry is a mistake. A big one. How can they use drugs that cause such harm and consider them good medicine? It is not okay to nearly kill someone, even if that person is experiencing trauma coping mechanisms such as ‘hallucinations’! And it certainly is not okay to do this against their will and without next of kin consent. It is not okay to cause more trauma and harm. It is especially not okay when psychiatrists cannot even tell a person who isn’t ‘mental ill’ from someone who is!

It is very frightening to think that anyone can be grabbed off the street and drugged and as a result die or suffer brain-damage, all because society has given psychiatry the power to do this and then say, ‘Oops sorry about that. A mistake we made. Just an accident, you know. Are you sure you weren’t mentally ill anyway, because you seemed to be in need of treatment’. When are people going to stand up and say that they don’t want to be next?

Yes, Alison Xamon, it does raise many questions about what’s happening with psychiatric procedures and yes we damn better have a big inquiry soon into mental health practices and why it is okay for these psychiatric doctors to cause harm in order to make patients ‘placid’. Remember, there is no cure for schizophrenia, according to mainstream psychiatry, only ‘management of symptoms’. That means, putting the patient into a semi-vegetive state by murdering their brain-cells and making them suffer the feeling of not being able to think, or do much at all. A chemical strait-jacket is not medicine it is one of the most vile restraint measures used to ‘manage’ a person.

Make no mistake, there damn better be an inquiry into psychiatric practices! Or society is going to be a very guilty society for allowing these horrific practices to happen for so long it's really, really stupid.

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