Monday, December 10, 2012

Where does your opinion come from? What validates it?

That question, ‘Does Art therapy work?’ has me giving the answer, ‘Much better than psychiatry, because it’s about treating people as individuals with valid opinions, even if that person is caught up in a symbolic parallel sense, that doesn’t meet with consensual reality.’

                There is a group of people, who are probably typical of most Australians, with assumptions about people who have been forcefully drugged and end up suiciding because of the pain and dysfunction caused by the psychiatric drugs. There is an opinion that, ‘they’d suicide anyway, those people, so what’s the difference?’

                The difference, for a person, even if they were at all suicidal, is in how we treat them. If a person is helped to explore what is driving the suicidal feelings, encouraged to follow through with things that they love, that have been dampened by society, enabled to find safe housing, encouraged to make friends, given hope, then they’re more likely to reason that life is sometimes good and worth pursuing. If they are drugged so they feel worse than they felt before, then that’s not going to happen. The worst case scenario is.

                Why is that such a hard concept for people to grasp, that treating a person in a way that’s friendly, rather than violating, is going to have better results?

                There is this smear of ‘other’ placed on anyone who has been diagnosed with mental health issues. Society doesn’t want to believe that it’s something that can happen to anyone under stress who has been traumatised. No, ‘these mental people’ are somehow, ‘Neanderthal or something akin to something that’s not fit to be treated humanely and given autonomy over what goes into their body.’

I’m sure if the public media propagated further propaganda they probably could convince society to use ‘these mental people’ for body parts. They would, of course, have to stop the use of the chemical strait-jackets, so that the recipient wouldn’t be infected by these damaging chemicals. (A person using psychiatric drugs cannot even donate blood because these chemicals are so toxic.)

I wonder at things like neuroleptics that are so horrible they could never be sold as a street drug. Benzos, such as Valium, yes, but not any of the ‘anti-psychotics’. People would pay good money to stop psychiatrists from forcing them on them though. No one wants the bad feeling they give, the emotional-dulling, the twitching, the aches, the inability, the weight-gain, the diabetes, the chronic fatigue, the mental shut down, the memory loss, the depression… no one wants that.

I wonder at people who adamantly say, ‘I don’t agree with you,’ when I advocate choice; that people should have a choice of therapy. If they really want drugs, fine, give them that, but if they don’t ,there are plenty of ways of working with people to enable them, rather than disabling them with drugs for fear of what ‘madness’ might ‘do’.

Stupid, stupid fears. Ignorance and people trained to have opinions that are based on never listening to anyone who actually has experienced the effects of psychiatric drugs. ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, don’t listen to them, those Neanderthal things or whatever they are, they can’t have an opinion, they’re not in their right mind. They can’t work out anything for themselves. Best drug them so they are more pliable and drug them more if there’s a peep of complaining out of them. Show them who’s boss!’

Um. Yeah. I find that kind of opinion rather nasty. I’m happy I’m not a stupid ignorant psychiatry follower like them. Sure, I’m marked and mustn’t behave too eccentrically or I’ll be carted off and tortured again, but at least I’m not ignorant like them. They’re like fat Nazi followers, when it comes to that opinion of theirs. They don’t know how really how offensive it is for psychiatric survivors to hear them assert their beliefs that support torture regimes our country really needs to put a stop to.

People must listen to the right people. And who are the ‘right’ people? Well, just think about it… Do you listen to those trained in how to torture? Or, to the people who have been tortured by them? Ask yourself, where does your opinion come from? What validates it? Recognise the truth. If you’re not listening to those with lived-experience, if you don’t consider them to be the experts in this scenario, then shut up and learn! Because you don’t know what you’re talking about, if that’s you. Your opinion is based on a power regime. It is not ethical and it is not ever going to be valid, except to the pockets it lines and the ignorant public fears it subscribes to.

Society is to blame for psychiatry. And, psychiatry tortured me amongst many others. So, society must recognise their wrongs and change things so people aren’t continually harmed in their name. Being duped by propaganda is stupidity. Don’t let your opinions be marked by that.

If I hear one more opinion damning a ‘patient’ for fighting while they’re being held down to have torturous chemicals injected in them, I’m going to laugh in that person’s face and say, ‘You deserved it. What did you expect? That they’d let you hurt them without a fight? You're not injecting them with vitamins. You're injecting them with disabling, stupidfying torturous chemicals to make them sleep all day. Chemicals that cause them to feel physically sick, that cause epilesy and suicidal feelings. It's not as though it's any good for them at all. Prevents them from doing much at all though. So that means you don't have to do as much.’

There are psych nurses who get into a lot of trouble when they even complain to a psychiatrist about a medication that’s causing seizures or Parkinsonian movements. A psychiatrist doesn’t want to know of patient complaints! And, psych nurses can’t get a pay rise, let alone go on strike to stop things like forced drugging. But at some point the harm has got to stop. At some point recognition of all the really damaging psychiatric practices has to happen. Compensation should be then given to those subjected to the regime, or at least some kind of apology and assurance that the horror isn’t going to continue.

The only way the necessary change is going to happen, is by people recognising what does and doesn’t make sense. Torture isn’t okay. All those who are of the opinion that it is okay, get with it and stop wearing your swastika like a badge of honour. Your psychiatric cult driven opinions are ugly, ugly, ugly stupid ignorant dribble. Keep your dumb mouth shut and learn some respect for those who actually do know what they’re talking about.

‘Or what?’ they say, ‘You’ll post another angry little blog?’

Yeah, something like that.

In the mean time I'll wear this:

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