Monday, December 31, 2012

Why would psychiatrists forcefully drug people with intellectual disability?

It’s not as though intellectual disability can be said to be a chemical imbalance… so why give people with ID anti-psychotics and other drugs that claim to adjust that chemical imbalance by blocking and inhibiting the neuro-receptors?

I am met that hard woman’s stare. She was angry at me because I said neuroleptic drugs shouldn’t be forced on people. She works with children who have ID and is adamant that is it necessary in order to manage them. Or what? ‘Of mice and men’ will happen? She’s not even talking about adults! She thinks it’s important to halt the potential people have to develop ability. She wants them to not argue like children and teenagers do. She wants the people she gets paid to help, to sit and be non-resisting to where she and her management wants them to go.

Luckily there’s places like Arts Access...

The term ‘differently abled’ really makes sense when people who have been abused because of their differences are enabled, encouraged and the result is art that really should and needs to exist, or humanity misses out on another vital aspect of its myriad.

‘Managing’ people is never done well under cruel regimes. It is very cruel to shut down a person’s intellectual capacity with neuroleptics, just because that enables you to get your job done quicker. Surely it is not easy on your heart and conscience to realise that you have disabled someone who really would respond better to compassion and encouragement.

No? Still staring at me with those hard nasty eyes of yours? Okay give me your hard mean discrimination stare. Let your ugliness become you. Just don’t expect the rest of humanity to leave your regime uncriticised.

Disable psychiatry now! Don’t let them harm the intellect of any more people! The cruel regime must end! Let rehabilitation take its place. Remember, mental health is about feeling better, not worse!


Still puzzling why ‘medications’ that claim to ‘fix’ achemical imbalance or disease in the brain are used on people with ID who don’t have a chemical imbalance to fix? ‘According to some estimates, between 20% and 45% people with ID receive psychotropic medications (Deb & Unwin, 2007a). Of them 14% to 30% are receiving these medications for the management of problem behaviour and not for the treatment of any psychiatric disorder (Deb and Fraser, 1994). Clarke and colleagues (1990) had previously found that 36% of adults with ID who did not have a diagnosis of mental illness were receiving psychotropic medication.’

                And since I’m talking about chemical imbalances, something that isn’t proven, can’t be proven, but has been theorised and turned into a kind of theology in medicine and religion in the lay public, let’s just say: psychiatry really doesn’t make sense except to a sadist. Manage the violence, idiocy and imbalance of psychiatry by getting rid of it. In 2013  the psychiatric torture regime must end. That means no more forced drugging or ECT! That means no more fear of treatment regimes harming you when you seek help to overcome a crisis. That means a better society. Do it, end psychiatry in 2013.

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