Monday, December 3, 2012

I am like the Prime Minister

I am an atheist

Like the Aussie

Prime Minister.

And, similar again

Because both our fathers

Studied science.

But mine was

A secondary school teacher,

Where as hers

Was a psychiatric nurse.

My father taught me

About nature’s ecology

And a range of maths equations.

Don’t know though,

If Julia’s father taught her

About how he had to

Participate in torturing people

In order to feed her.

Even if he did

And this upset her,

Does she actually have

The power to do anything

To stop laws that force

Psychiatric nurses from

Doing what goes against

Most people’s ethics?

I am an atheist

Like the Aussie PM.

We have fathers

Who were scientists.

My father never

Beat a student

When it was legal.

But if Julia’s father

Didn’t forcefully drug

People under his care,

He would’ve got the sack

And little Julia

Would’ve gone hungry.

I wonder how

An atheist can believe

Into the cult of psychiatry.

It doesn’t seem logical,

Now Julia has power

And enough money,

For her to continue to do

What her father did

In torturing people,

In order to feed her

When she was a child.

Psychiatrists are now

Under her rule.

She’s not an underdog

Nurse like her father

Trying to pay bills

And keep a family.

Julia like me,

Has no children, see.

I am an atheist

Like the Aussie PM

Who needs to change

The law so that she

Won’t do what her father

Had to, in order to

Feed his family.

Government call for reform in psychiatric hospitals?!

TONY EASTLEY says, 'The National Mental Health Commission wants to know more about how Australians with mental illnesses are being confined and restrained in institutions.'

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