Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CAT is an ironic acronym

Too often psychiatrists ignore the fundamental axis iv in their diagnosis. Women and children who are in domestic violence, or verbally abusive situations often end up being given an axis i diagnosis, because talking about the person who is abusing, is difficult for a person still in the midst of it. People in abusive situations have been denied their opinion and reality for so long, they don’t think that a judgmental, police-like psychiatrist will understand. So, that person ends up on torturous psychiatric ‘treatment’ regimes that are of no help to their situation, or the trauma occurring, they feel doubly accused of being wrong. Once again the focus is on them, that they need to change, or are so ‘hopeless’ that they don’t have ‘insight’ they ‘can’t give informed consent’ and are ‘delusional’ and ‘sick.’


                This debate is much hushed by pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry and those who profit by the existence of these enterprises, who seek public acceptance of their nefarious plans.

                Opinions are being denied.

                The widely held position in relation to torture is that it, and related forms of inhuman behaviour are never acceptable. Never. The Convention Against Torture and Other Forms of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) finalised in 1984 and since ratified by 141 countries, emphasises this.

                The ‘ticking time bomb’ theory that all deemed mentally ill will commit crimes if not chemically shut down and restrained by chemical means, has the logic of a charlatan clairvoyant.

                Trainee torturers, such as psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists are desensitised to the task by indoctrinated beliefs about their victim’s inhumanity. Is it ever reasonable to ask someone to be trained like this? Can it be good for a society to create and empower people capable of such inhuman conduct? It is a horrific contravention of medical ethics!

                Psychiatric torture regimes must be stamped out. Reality of this torture must be recognised.

                CAT, as well as being an acronym for Convention against Torture… is also ironically the acronym in Australia for a psychiatrist, a psychiatric nurse and ambulance, who also have the power to call the police, even though there may be no threat of crime. This is so called the Crisis Assessment Treatment team. They take a person deemed mentally ill to a psychiatric facility (so called ‘hospital') to be tortured (so called ‘medical treatment’). If the person won’t go willingly in the ambulance, police are called to do the physical task of taking the passive protestor to the torture chambers of the psychiatric ‘hospital.’

                Teams of torturers never do make sense. Stamp them out. We must end the psychiatric regime in 2013!

                If not, when, when are these abusers who torture under the guise of ‘psychiatric care’ going to face justice? When is the public going to let go of their ‘security blanket’ that this torture is for the good of humanity? When are they going to stop thinking that this torture saves them from harm from much vilified ‘mentally ill’ people? When is the public going to stop denying the reality of what is really going on?

The sustained denial of human rights is a cause of high intensity conflict within a person. This often results in anxiety, heavy self-criticism, or disassociation from the memories into ‘personalities’ or ‘voices’ contiguous to the events denied justice, recognition of having occurred, or denied the reality of having harmful effects on the person. This denial, in psychiatric abuse, is despite the product ‘side-effects’ listed openly for the public and doctors to look at, which for psychiatric drugs is long, serious and harmful; this includes not obvious effects as well as obvious physically detectable things like Tardive Dyskinesia, weight gain, mensuration ceasing and memory loss etc.

                Denial of realities is a dangerous thing. It can cause a person to think that the imaginative/ symbolic part of thinking is a possible way to communicate what happened to them. People who do this are called ‘delusional’ and then subjected to an increase in torturous forced-drugging, ECT, judgement, threats, labels, stigma and condemnation by psychiatrists. They come to think that they are ‘faulty’, ‘ill’, ‘phobic’ the more their realities, including the symbolic parallel realities, are denied. This can make a person really depressed and angry.

Psychiatry allows for a horrible denial for human rights retraumatisation loop. Once diagnosed mentally ill by psychiatry, people are then denied their right to have freedom from torture as much as they are denied their right to an opinion.

                Respect for human rights and accommodation of diversity is a primary form of conflict prevention. Want someone to recognise consensual reality more? recognise what their realities are. Do not deny the harm that has been done to them, even if they are speaking in symbols because the trauma has gone on for so long and been denied for so long. And if you have harmed a person and regret it, apologise, even if you are a psychiatrist and think you’re somehow allowed to cause harm to others and they should be expected to put up with it and trust you.
Patient's rights by Initially NO
We must end the psychiatric regime in 2013 by Initially NO


  1. Good stuff. Be ODD.

  2. Should be the subject of a serious lecture to all staff in this regrettable 'indudstry' NO! keep up the strong push

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