Sunday, February 10, 2013

Suicidal from birth

There was story was about

A child whose parents

Made YouTube videos

Claiming the child was

‘Suicidal from birth’

Because the child

Was born with the umbilical

Cord around her neck, almost

Out of breath and blue,

Then fell out of the cradle,

Got into the dishwashing

Liquid, the dog’s do-do,

The medicine cabinet,

The power-points,

Ate dirt and mud and sand,

Ran onto the road,

Jumped out of a window,

Cut herself with glass,

Swallowed razor blades,

Crawled under an elephant,

Opened the car door,

While the vehicle was going,

And generally caused

Life-threatening havoc

That left her almost dead.

The parents questioned

Why the child was wanting

To kill herself so often

And the doctors said take

Such and such and such

So you don’t get stressed

And give her such and such

Or you’ll have to be cruel

And put her in a sand bag

So she can’t act upon her

Suicidal disease instincts

She inherited from you.

They took the drugs

And their baby took the drugs

And everything was peachy

After that, well, sort of better

Than it was, the parents said,

Thanks to the wondrous drugs.

This story was told again

And again many times

And was very popular

Moral tale for parents,

For a while, during the early

Millennium, but then

They were all druggies

Back then, in those days.

Weird, weird the times

Psychiatry must die II Spiral Notebooks

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