Sunday, February 17, 2013

Psychiatry is corporal punishment

Ways to control,

Now not allowed

To beat and strap

And leaves marks

Others can see.

Ways to control

What was started

Through the ways

That cornered to

Control crazily to

Get what was wanted,

To feel big

By making another

Feel so small.

When those words

Come back with

More strength

Than expected,

When actions jump

In to chorus that,

Didn’t think

That there would

Be a mirror to

The ‘obvious superior,’

A mirror that smashed

The kingly into feeling

Like he’s so small.

What to do now

The wall of trust

Is broken down

Because authority

Didn’t make sense?

Revolting fighting

Puts everyone

Under stress,

Unless, unless…

There is a new form

Of corporal punishment

That can be used

To deter anyone fighting

Back against authority.

This corporal punishment

Is called psychiatry.

Through declaring

A human to be ‘ill’

And in need of ‘treatment,’

Child or adult will be

Subjected to such torture

Making it difficult

For them to defy,

Since society is in denial,

Saying it’s ‘for the best,’

That it’s the ‘help’

That person needs to

To ‘manage’ the ‘symptoms.’

Drugged up and feeling

Like they’d rather be dead

Than continually injected

And made to feel sick,

Disabled and humiliated,

Unrecognised and denied

Their rights to opinion

And their freedom from torture

Denied and denied.

And this corporal punishment

Is NOT about those

Who have committed a crime,

It’s about wanting to control

A mind that goes some place

Outside the range of understood

Sense and along a symbolic pathway

Hugging nightmares and dreams,

Buffering the trauma

Of those who wished to control,

Through any means,

What they never should control –

The diversity of humanity

And the ability of others

To express themselves differently.

This negative feedback

loop of manipulative authorities

Attempting to quell revolt

So they can quaff and chatter

About their established class,

Their control of community lives

Through diagnostic charts that

Smother potential and give

Nothing to help a person survive,

Meanwhile, just to hurt more

Their abusers thrive

In the knowledge that no one

Can make them feel small,

That they’ve got the ability

To make those who defy them

Stigmatised and sick.

That mirror is still there,

It grows even scarier

That more it is attacked.

The person keeps quiet,

Doesn’t yell or cry,

But draws the world’s awry.

And people remark,

‘How awful. Really upsetting

That kind of art!’

As they slurp their vintage

And eat another lemon tart.

Shut down, shut up

Keep yourself in a vice

And forget ever fighting

Psychiatry’s society’s

Bugger-up device.
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  1. Corporal punishment it is NO as well as the Diagnostic Statistical Manual deliberately used for the divisive demonisation of innocent people leading to alienation of those punished; all lethal weponry of the psychiatry industry!
    Go Well