Friday, February 1, 2013

Diagnosis of articles on mental health from ABC: idiot eugenicists!

But then she totally fucks up, ‘But the findings can't prove the punishments themselves caused the children to develop mood and personality disorders, with Knox pointing out that interviewees may not have known if their parents were treated for mental illness. Depression and anxiety are known to be at least partly genetic.’

Um… what does genetics have to do with it? A triple J interview says even if relatives have had a mental illness there is only ten per cent likelihood of it being passed on.

But, what genetics are linked to psychiatrically diagnosed ‘mental illness’? Um… they’re keen to find it but, hopeless at getting results, so those eugenically inclined thinkers can take action.

Just so you know from a person with lived-experience, symptoms of schizophrenia are not so much about not being able to discern what’s real from what’s not real, as not being able to distinguish from symbology of the oneiric and consensual reality during a psychotic episode or period of altered state of consciousness. And schizophrenia is not a disease it is a stress/ trauma related coping-mechanism, more akin the stupid bodily reaction of making a mosquito bite itch, that some people have more than others. It is nothing like diabetes!

There was an article on army deployment and bodily stress that got measured, but that didn’t mean there weren’t psychological problems like PTSD that continued or happened a year later or more. And I wonder… are they any closer to perfecting a human android with this information?

As for the bullshit about money centred tests! For one they were not testing people with schizophrenia, they were testing people who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and were taking mind altering, debilitating atypical drugs that shut down everything! Of course the people on drugs had impaired functioning. That’s what atypical neuroleptics do, things like, make people, ‘not able to tell the difference between expected and unexpected rewards.’ Duh!

And then to conclude, ‘People with schizophrenia often have difficulty determining what is beneficial for them and what is not, so they have trouble taking cues from their environment and, consequently, can make some bad decisions.’

Well, I just think you utter, utter bastards thinking you can take our opinions away from us and damn us to forced-drugging because of your flawed experimental conclusions.

Then there was an article that started reasonably, ‘Rural men are more likely than their urban counterparts to commit suicide during a drought, a new Australian study has found.’

And I thought, of course drought does that. Clearly drought means bad things and stress for farmers, loss of income etc!

But then he concludes, ‘the reasons why rural men are at higher risk during drought are still not clear.’

Um… I don’t see why the reasons are unclear. Droughts are a huge stress, loss of income etc… oh do I have to repeat myself?!

And then a psychiatrist with sleazy looking eyes, who wants to be better funded than Hollywood by diagnosing facial expressions. He says, ‘We know that people with schizophrenia, particularly if they've had schizophrenia for some time have … almost no emotional expression.’

What a freaking idiot! Doesn’t even recognise side-effects of drugs! I have been told many times, especially in my early 20s that I'm expressive and readable and yes, I’ve been diagnosed schizophrenic. However when I was forced to take neuroleptics via a CTO, I not only looked expressionless, my eyes looked like a dead-fish. Drugs do that to you. Stress, coping mechanisms to stress and trauma do not quite as readily, even if they can be categorised into ‘symptoms of schizophrenia.’

Sometimes I go and read up and see what the media is doing with the idea of mental health. I want to check on them like a doting mother or something, hoping, just hoping they’ll get over their stupid psychiatric eugenics disease… but they still haven’t.

Now I’ve released all that rage against government funded stupidity, I’ll go play my song about fighting such abuses.
It's called, 'I want to live.'
Like most people, I want to be more than a stupid labrat to forced regimes of psychiatric horror. I want to see society getting better. I want society to recognise what is real and what isn't real. There's plenty of books out there that write well about mental health issues, so I'll be looking at them. I'll throw you a good one, Patricia Evans, 'Verbal abuse'. Really life changing book, when you need the definition and expansive thought about this subject matter. Inspired me to kick start a fight and get back into music after being battered by abusive (ie threatening, critical, judging, withholding...) nurses who drugged me and wanted me to sit and watch television rather than play guitar.

I want to share another video, it is about a physical health condition caused by mental health problems. I want people to understand that it is through rehabilitation, people believing in you, being allowed to heal, that recovery can be accomplished with all mental health conditions. They are not diseases. People diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' should not be condemned to the psychiatric bin of 'management' which means disabling with drugs to the point where ability to walk, talk and think much at all is severely handicapped. Watch this video and think about that:


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  1. Hear Hear NO!!!! perfect logic and truth; the video sums up all your consse and correct statements. And as you say schizophrenia is not a disease it is a stress/ trauma related coping-mechanism. It is nothing like diabetes! these 'perverted' psychiatrists do this solely to make money for themselves and create victims! The practice is so wrong that we see the manic notion of gene base blame stating that short people (implied a disease) is an inherited trait. The gene push is utterly scientifically wrong anyway because
    'regression to the mean' always happens in all species and we revert away from tallness, shortness, fatness, skinnyness etc etc etc
    Go NO!!