Thursday, February 21, 2013

Denying reality is a dangerous practice!

Supporting the use of psychiatric drugs that cause a person devastating harm, is INSANE and UNSAFE! by Initially NO 
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If you are suffering the devastating effects of psychiatric drugs, it isn’t good when doctors and media Mental Health advisors, such as SANE Australia, deny that reality. The effects of these drugs are horrific and publically listed on the drug’s site, for legal reasons.

Denying reality, is a very dangerous practice. It is insane and unsafe to do this to people who are suffering the torturous effects of forced-drugging via psychiatrists. It also makes people extremely angry. Trauma and its effects are not a disease. No mental illness has been any where near proven to be hereditary or detectable via tests. And people do recover. Your diagnosis does not have to be not a life long illness. People just need support that is helpful, validating and encouraging them to exist. People also need for the traumatic torturous ‘care’ of psychiatry to be recognised for what it is. Denial of this reality is a very dangerous practice.

If you’re having horrible effects with your psych drug and decide you want to stop taking that drug, you MUST do it VERY, VERY SLOWLY. The withdrawal effects can be really dangerous. It is best to taper it, under supervision of an understanding doctor, who can prescribe you smaller and smaller doses. NEVER go off psychiatric drugs quickly, believe me, when I didn’t know that, I tried and it was horrible.

If you like the drugs, that’s where you’re at. I’m fine with people being allowed to make choices. I’m not happy, however, with the squashing of the voices of people who are not happy with psychiatric drugs. It is false to claim voices of protestors make others unsafe. It is very unsafe indeed to stay on a drug that is causing you harm. So many drugs are linked to suicide. And yes, SANE Australia the new atypical drugs do cause Tardive Dyskinesia, amongst other things. Think about the legal ramifications of making that false assurance that they don’t cause this horrific effect, next time you do your 'ph' sponsored government radio show. This is no 'porkie pie' Natasha discussed as justified on her earlier show. This lie Natasha tells, causes harm to others.
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Supporting the use of psychiatric drugs that cause a person devastating harm, is INSANE and UNSAFE! by Initially NO

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  1. Compelling points NO backed up with solid high independent credibility; well done and lots of different ideas to get the message understood and accepted!!
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