Sunday, May 26, 2013

Freud's fraud: apology for psychiatric abuse


Think of the charges that could be brought against Sigmund Freud. He would only be able to offer an apology and a pitiful excuse. The evidence is all too evident.

Freud says to the court room, ‘I’m sorry I stopped listening to my patients when they told me some of my esteemed colleagues and financers had sexually abused them during their childhood. I’m sorry I denied and blamed my patients, turning their trauma into Greek myths. I am sorry psychiatry still follows this model of blaming the patient and never listening. I’m sorry, but I was under the influence of cocaine at the time and couldn’t help it…’

Yes, Sigmund Freud is dead and he can't apologise, but all those psychiatrists still alive that have caused harm to those in their care can. Perhaps our legal systems could start with the psychiatric practices that are no longer acceptable for psychiatrists to use to harm people with ie insulin shock, lobotomy, LSD testing (and other horrific practices)...

Then the legal system might want to think about how psychiatrists have been allowed to profit from their crimes for so long. Heinous crimes of physical abuse, justified through fraudulent claims.

Then perhaps I can get an apology from the psychiatrists who abused me with the drug Acuphase, which is not for human use in most parts of the world, just for big Zoo animals... but never in the huge doses psychiatrists used on me. Zoo animals are too expensive to wreck! Can't have their tongues moving all over the place so they can't eat properly! (This was one of the horrific effects I had on this drug).

But maybe most of my society thinks I’m a piece of a fruit-fly that should be experimented on, harmed for the benefit of perhaps finding a chemical panacea for humanity, or that I should be happy to involuntarily be made part of experiments that enable the creation of androids that mimic humans… that sort of thing… Yeah?

'Hitler never gave the order to kill patients with mental illness. He only permitted it in a letter written in October 1939 and backdated to September 1, 1939. Psychiatrists were therefore never ordered to facilitate the process or carry out the murder of mentally ill...they were empowered to do so. Activity by psychiatrists and psychiatric institutions thus constituted the connection between euthanasia and the larger scale annihilation of Jews and other "undesirables" such as homosexuals in what came to be known as the Holocaust.' 

(Psychiatry during the Nazi era,
Rael D Strous)
Psychiatrists are still permitted to commit atrocities, in my country, not told to, but given permission through legislation that empowers them with the right to forcefully drug, brainwash, abduct, electrocute etc... Sometimes people die very quickly and the psychiatrist is said to have, 'done all they could', even when it was because the psychiatrist forcefully drugged the person that they died. Other times people die slowly and painfully and 25 years or so is stripped from their lives via the chemicals the psych-diagnosed are forced to take.
This permission for psychiatrists to be allowed to harm humans, must be stopped.

Validation via an apology is very necessary to many who have been abused by psychiatry. It's time more psychiatrists stepped up, stopped any harmful practices they have committed and apologised for their past abuse. Yes it is hard being an intern being told to do ethically unsound things.
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  1. Never stop Initially NO, this is unstoppable because of fighters like you; I admire you so much.
    Glenn Floyd

  2. Thank you for your support, much appreciated.