Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Allergic to what's vital

DSM and social justice Ngram...
(Shows books with the use of the acronym 'DSM' compared to books with the words 'social justice' over  200 years. The Ngram also indicates where certain titles have been oppressed due to propaganda.)
I feel books about psychiatric abuse have not been allowed to thrive, while the psychiatric series of DSM have been meted out as 'required.' There are changes happening now, that the Ngram isn't up to date with. These changes will mean significant hope for skilled authors who want to write about psychiatric abuse, who are currently having their books buried under psychiatric propaganda that their views are 'unsafe' and may cause 'potentially-violent-mentally-ill' people to 'go off their meds'. Because of course all people who are diagnosed mentally ill are potentially violent in the eyes of the public swallowing the propaganda slung at them. And of course, the meds work... the expert psychiatrists say they do. So what if mentally-ill people say they don't? they're mentally ill, so they can't be trusted... yep swallow that.
Significant changes have happened, due to psychiatry's laziness in its style of propaganda and the unchanged flawed chemical imbalance theory ideas (that no one really knows how  exactly the 'medicines' for this 'chemical imbalance condition' work, but they will give their theories without saying they're just theories and force drugs without any proof they are helpful). Because of this laziness, people have been able to repeatedly challenge the 'expert' psychiatrists and changes have arisen allowing people to speak about things like hearing voices. The lid has been lifted, somewhat -  on society's fears of reprisal, threats, being labelled, losing income, jail or other forms of damning -  if they criticise psychiatry... I find just talking to people about recovery, healing and psychiatric abuse has changed from a slam and a 'shut up' to an opening and listening. Society has still got a fair way to go yet, but at least it is changing.
Take a look at what people are saying:

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When can we say ding-dong the book is dead! that nasty book is dead! and kick up our heels to celebrate?

Then books by psychiatric survivors, books about psychiatric abuse, those with lived-experience of altered states of consciousness and unusual sensory experience will be given some public awareness. Those authors will have authority over their own lives, as they should always have been granted. Those authors won't be told that the public would rather hear an inauthentic 'expert' psychiatrist talk about treatments of 'subject matter' rather than personal experiences. And then the world will gain ability.

I'm thinking that's going to happen... soon. Here's a few of my publically buried, but available books:
More Initially NO books click HERE

Awareness of psychiatric abuse ribbon- tie
Another Ngram to think on...

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