Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Outrage in Australia!

OIA! publishing is seeking expressions of interest.
Submissions welcome.
Please send writing or pictures for the 2013 book about experiences  of psychiatrism, psychiatric abuse, or anything close to that theme.
Submissions for 2013 close June.
Send to your work to notachemicalimbalance at gmail dot com.
Payment, if your work is published in this book, at this stage, will be with a free copy of the book.

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We are not crazy. We are not mad. We are outraged! And we do not want to be subject matter in future science experiments conducted via psychiatry, just because we have unusual coping mechanisms for grief, crisis, trauma etc.

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  1. Initially NO, great move; I will take this on as a 'Senate' policy in the 2013 Australian Senate Election
    Best regards
    Glenn Floyd
    2013 Victorian Independent Senate Candidate