Saturday, May 18, 2013

Schizophrenia awareness week

I'm a person who has been physically active all my life. I'm a person who is natural on the thin side. I'm a person who likes eating healthy foods. But I am also a person who got diagnosed schizophrenic and was subjected to forced 'medication' regimes over a 14 year period. At first I tried what the psychiatrists said would help me. When I found psychiatric drugs didn't help, rather harmed me to such an extent that I couldn't do physical exercise easily, lost 20 degrees of flexibility, lost my ability to balance, had dizzy spells, was constantly fatigued and even put on weight, I decided that the neuroleptics that the psychiatrists insisted I take were no good for me. I then went off them, recovered my ability to exercise, got back to my normal weight and also recovered my ability to think and read. I didn't receive help for trauma, so then I ended back in psychiatrists hands several more times, after being reported for saying strange things, forced to take their horrific debilitating chemicals again and again.

       Now when the MIFA, wants to blame those diagnosed schizophrenic for being lazy and not exercising, that makes me angry. MIFA's denial of what actually happened to me, a physically fit person, that was harmed by the drugs repeated effect every time I was forced to take them, is horrible. It's like having holocaust deniers in your face all the time, it's like misogynists who want to say things about women not being good at sport, about certain races of people being lazy, or stupid...

       Neuroleptics shorten people’s lives by around 25 years and psychiatrists have the power under my government to keep people, diagnosed with schizophrenia on these drugs forever.

       I was not a hard case. I was open to talking the first time I met a psychiatrist. I closed my mouth and went mute for a year after finding that talking only got me harmed. I could easily have recovered quickly if my government was funding such programs as Voice Dialoguing or Open Dialogue, or even good old person centred one on one art therapy. But my government doesn’t do that, my government forcefully drugs people with harmful chemicals that shorten lives by 25 years, making any years alive on those drugs emotionally and physically painful. They claim this is the ‘least restrictive measure’. They claim to ‘do no harm’. Absolute lies! Then they lie that the effects of the drugs are 'symptoms of schizophrenia'! Those kind of lies can really make a person already questioning reality due to other abuse, to wonder further more what is real and what is not.

       Be aware of propaganda from places like MIFA. I like the idea of physical exercise programs, but get it right, people’s lives are not shorten by voices and other unusual sensory experiences any more than altered states of consciousness. When a person is in a crisis they need to be helped, not battered by drugs and accusations of being a ‘sick mind.’ They need understanding and validation, housing, training, employment, friendly people, rather than damning and disabling psychiatrists and their cronies that tell really upsetting lies.

Awareness is everything button

Also, part 4 of a series on YouTube about how a person can get diagnosed with 'schizophrenia' when their identity and  sexuality is oppressed by their society. How forcing medications that don't help, rather harm, is not okay.
              It is not uncommon to hear voices of what society picks on you about, what society says you can't be, or do, what society says didn't happen. The struggle to be ourselves, when we also need to be what society expects of us, for our own safety and reasons of acceptance, can build into a crisis, where our dreams and nightmares make themselves heard while we are awake. It is the individual's attempt to be heard, as well as society's collective unrest emerging in that person. When society fears conflict, society tries to shut down people who tune into their psyche and speak about it. You have to have a lot of support to be able to gather your thoughts and help society understand that what is not accepted, what it is denied, could actually help society be more than it is.
Give people awareness. Send them a greeting card. Let them know how 'ripped off' you feel.

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