Thursday, May 2, 2013


Defined as, 'The desire to become a psychiatrist, falsely label others as mentally ill, and then to treat them with harmful methods for a profit.'

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Also, some further reading on psychiatrism


  1. Please consider posting an email address or some method to contact you Initially NO. I have tried several times to join facebook and get a message to you. You appear to have no friend button. I am not familiar with facebook and I wish to contract you.

    1. Facebook isn't always the easiest for everyone to use, but there is a friend button there. But seeing you're anonymous here I don't actually know who you are. You could also consider contacting me via the group 'Not a chemical imbalance...' if you're wishing to send material for the annual collection about psychiatric abuse. Submissions for this book for 2013 close end of May. The email for that is notachemicalimbalance at gmail dot com. I don't check that every day though. There is also the Facebook page 'Outrage in Australia' which has a button for contacting me. If this is about West Word poetry, there is also a page for that. If you actually meant you want to 'contract' me, rather than contact me, I don't actually know what to do about that except let you know that I do run a desktop publishing and editing service for writers and to say that I probably have typos in this hurried reply so don't worry you can make mistakes, but it's best not to have them in there when a book goes to print:)

  2. Excellant work NO! and keep fighting like the women who would not be denied the vote and true democracy; I will make this vital ethical work as a MORAL DEMOCRACY platform plank in my full suite of Senate issues when I stand this year!!
    Go Well
    2013 Independent Senate Candidate Victoria

    1. Really like your policies, particularly on reforming current mental health systems to stop forced drugging. So few politicians even think about this horrendous human-rights abuse, let alone attempt to change it. I wish you my best.