Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Do Australians want to harm or help?

'The majority of Aussies want to help, not harm,' Says Australian Greens Party. Yet, that same party doesn't say anything to stop forced psychiatry, or even about implementing the United Nations CRPD, yet claims to be about human rights and the environment. The AU Greens Party instead focuses on overseas issues, which deserve empathy, but when you realise that their leader is a whitecoat, and AMA President is also pretending to act in refugee interests, you got to know what is not being said here, and that's that traumatised people regularly get used by whitecoats in horrible experiments against their will, because of the Mental Health Acts, in Australia. People have 'medicine' forced on them. In the cases of psychiatry, it is not medicine, it is torture. And I know that, because I experienced 14 years of it. I didn't profit by it, but the psychiatrists who used me in their experiments no doubt got various pharmaceutical grants to do what they did to me, as well as HUGE salary from the Australian Tax-payer.

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche calls psychiatry 'organised crime'. And it is, very organised, but it is also worse than any religious abuses, or even military violence, because it is endorsed by our government as 'care'. And the public believe this, because they are so gullible and have been used to psychiatry's 'care' euphemisms for over 200 years, but the real meaning of that use of that term 'care' for torturing a person 24/7 indefinitely with chemical & electrical lobotomies, has eluded them.

Are Australians empathetic to people being subjected to State Violence? Not in my experience. They're mostly hypnotised by propaganda and instead of putting the monsters on trial, they victim-blame.

So, empathy depends on what sort of propaganda people have swallowed. And apparently, depends if people are forced/ coerced into taking antidepressants, this makes them lose empathy for their fellow human beings.

If those same people that swallowed a small amount of antidepressants, smoke, alcohol etc... were subjected to forced psychiatry and injected with neuroleptics against their will, they might feel different, but be too frightened to dare say anything.

Psychiatry harms and does not help, yet next to NOTHING is said about that, on TV, or even community radio, the only space for psychiatric regime survivors to tell the truth of what happened to them (if they dare) is the internet.

Politicians, lawyers, judges and the general population allow the torture of 6 million Australian citizens via State Violence, then Medical Doctors advocate to bring in in traumatised refugees so whitecoats can torture them via the psychiatric regime as well.

“I will renounce my Australian citizenship and return to the chaos of Iran to escape the torture at the hands of these doctors.  I am still shocked at the culture of abuse in Australia's so-called mental health care. I feel sick in my stomach waiting for their poison to hit my brain every time they inject me" said Saeed Dezfouli.   

A political party that says it is about human rights, yet supports forced psychiatry, isn’t about human rights, it’s about a medical racket. I worked that out in 2013.

If a party is run by a Medical Doctor, who doesn’t say anything about stopping forced psychiatry, I’m putting it last. The only whitecoats that are decent are the ones who speak out against the crimes of their colleagues. The rest, are utter slime.

Voting this Saturday for Australians?

For psychiatric regime survivors we have two senators who actively have got policies to stop forced psychiatry.

They are:

Glenn Floyd, Independent Senate Candidate for Victoria

& Terese Van Lieshout, Australian Peoples Party , NSW

This is a Civil Rights Movement. It starts small, then everyone is on board, and trying to forget that they were ever so cruel as to victim-blame their fellow citizens who were unfortunate enough to be enslaved by psychiatry.

We must end forced psychiatry in 2016. We cannot let this go on.

Get on Community Radio, for a start, don’t let those appointed the position to chatter mentally-ill you, or try to tell you that you belong to some religion that you don’t. Let them know they’re being bigots, and had better sharpen up. And if they do the whole whitecoat mentally-illing routine, let them know that their bullying is being recorded, and they’ll regret being so abusive, and so will their grandchildren.

We’re putting the monsters on trial. No more victim-blaming.

I want to survive this regime. I want Australia to survive this regime. It must end in 2016.

If anyone tries to tell me, that forced psychiatry is good for the person who suffers it, I say they are evil, totally evil. Go rot in hell if you think the torture I went through from psychiatry was ‘help’ you ugly monsters. Go rot in the hell of your cruel, cowardly ignorance and abuse. You have to live with yourself for saying nothing and allowing the whitecoats to continue their butchery, you have to live with yourself.

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  1. Great article- im glad to know about the greens party- I wrote an email asking them if they would stop forced drugging if they got in, so I could know whether I was going to vote for them- or- and just find out- they haven't answered me- and I think I might know why now- you know I think 3/4 of society, thinks it might be mad-if not now-somewhere down track- this wholesale brainwashing of mental illness via mainstream media-has so permeated our societies psyche- those 3/4 think they're going to need them- or might somewhere down the road- or is that just me- making an excuse for my fellow man and woman - who really haven't got any excuse for not standing up to bully medical treatments reported to be abusive by their "mad recipients"-our worldly brothers and sisters- other than themselves, and their own fears- preventing the reality and the pain of others effecting them- causing them to act- caring and humane- in the face of others reported suffering, by supporting them- backing them with their support and outrage- insecurity is keeping them silent- insecurity driven by a psychiatrised / media made and created- mental illness society.