Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There can be no assisted deaths by white-coats until...

There can be no human euthanasia programs in Australia, until forced medical treatments are abolished.

It is important that people freely choose medical treatments, especially treatments that will end a person's life, or be harmful in other ways. While there is forced medical treatments in Australia, the idea of 'voluntary' euthanasia is not possible, and it's horrible that people conceive and push this idea, without also having conversations about abolishing forced medical treatments.

Medical Practitioners, most especially psychiatrists, but also those treating cancer, will demand a person try every possible treatment, they offer, before euthanasia is offered. Medical abuse is rife in psychiatry, where a person's suffering is subjected to drugging, electrocution, and various harmful procedures, against their will. But it’s not only psychiatry, there are also forced treatments in aged care. People who are dying from age, or terminal illness are not being allowed to die, without medical intrusions, tests, blood-taking - all part of procedure and measures that are not really done for the patient they're intruding on, rather for some research, that hospitals do on a regular basis.

To be allowed your own space, without medical intrusions, and medicine when asked for, requires that the laws in our country are changed to be aligned with the United Nations CRPD, and our antislavery legislation (given that if you are being used in medical studies against your will, this is a servitude offense in our criminal code. Being a medical test subject is not a job people readily want to do, and if they do it is because human test subjects get paid a lot of money for invasive experiments.)

Disability, or diagnosis should not allow forced medicine, but in Australia this happens on a systematic basis. And while Australia has signed and ratified the UN CRPD, it has not implemented it into our law, as promised in 2013. And while Australia's Antislavery Legislation was also updated in 2013, and is very strong, as far as I'm aware the Federal Police have not investigated potential servitude offenses of Medical Practitioners. Though there is this one at the moment, hopefully being looked at. A lot of money is made by Australian psychiatrists from trialling medicines on people who are subjected to coercive-control. The trials are rarely legitimate, given people who are forcefully injected, coerced to take tablets through threats of hospitalisation, injections, or electrocution... are not going to speak freely, if that is likely to make their life worse, and it does. (Psychiatrists want positive results for the drugs companies, and if that means making a patient say yes to near everything the psychiatrist wants, that's exactly what will happen, the majority of the time.) 

The abuse of death-by-medical-treatment, as we've already seen happen in Belgium, is where people have got to stop and recognise how horrific this terminating of lives is, when in the hands of psychiatry. A teenager being given the death drug by psychiatrists, after the deciding psychiatrists knew she'd suffered humiliating painful destructive abuses over a long period, that confused her sense of sexuality and ability to communicate. She had not been given what she needed to live, that being: encouragement, conversation, rehabilitation, mentoring and validation. She had been mostly subjected to forced psychiatric drugs and electric shock, as well as humiliating labels. These procedures are not humane, and not helpful. This teenager could've been a worldwide leader in stopping violence against women and children, if she'd been given a mentor who enabled her to grow strong, and not feel the blame, that a victim of crime so often does. But instead, after having her body violated at a young age, she was then further abused by experimental psychiatric poisons and electrocution that any survivor of psychiatry will tell you, do not help, rather make your life so much worse.

Psychiatric interventions disable, they do not enable. Medicine is meant to enable... so why are psychiatrists throughout the world, currently allowed to disable 1.5 billion people? The population really needs to be aware, that this abuse has increased in the millennium, and 9 million people have been directly killed by psychiatric treatments in the millennium. The population isn't aware though, because psychiatry has been forcefully treating people for over 200 years and has a really thorough propaganda machine to make innocent people be victim-blamed. During those two centuries, there's been many people subjected to psychiatry trying to stop further abuse, only small changes have been made over that time, psychiatry is still allowed to torture people 24/7 indefinitely.

There needs to be absolute prohibition on forced treatment and commitment.

There can be no assistance for people wanting to die quickly, while medicine perpetrates such violence against the will of thousands of Australians every year. In Victoria, every year 5700 Compulsory Treatment Orders,  are given to people innocent of crimes, who object to psychiatric drug/ electricity treatments. Most of these people are victims of crime, some of these victims-of crime have taken to court their perpetrators, many of which haven't. The point is, why are victims-of-crime being abused by psychiatry? Why cannot they say no to medicine and be understood, that it is not helping? Why is there not more awareness of the plight of these people who WANT TO LIVE A LIFE FREE FROM THE TORTURE OF PSYCHIATRY?

There can be no euthanasia program, while medicine peddles products that do more harm than good and uses coercive-control measures to force treatments.

The United Nations CRPD must be implemented, so that human rights will not continue to be violated; so, that 5700 Victorians, who currently refuse medical treatment and have it forced on them, will no longer be subjected to that. It is not thinking enough of others, to ask for euthanasia programs, when 5700 plus civilians in Victoria, per year, are being tortured by psychiatry's treatments. To then allow medicine to have those people being tortured to have the option of terminating their lives, is not really thinking enough about the documented horror of torture and how much being under a torturous regime makes a person want to die. Think also of documented euthanasia programs, everyone should well know from T4 Germany. Remember too, that was also called 'care' and 'treatment.'

If people asking for euthanasia, spent their last moments thinking about how-to enable people to be free from such horrendous State endorsed Violence via medicine (particularly psychiatry), then, they might actually be enabled to live through any physical pain they are feeling, before they totally expire, because they would be doing something for humanity. When a person supports the collective, they are in turn given good feelings, via the hub/ hive of our interconnectedness. However, when people just fixate on ending it all, forgetting about other people who would be harmed if it became legal for whitecoats to administer death, then they’ll die horrifically painfully, even if given the ‘death drug’, (Nembutal often takes over 24 hours to act, sometimes longer.)

That said, if all those people wanting euthanasia, can also ask to abolish forced medical treatments, then they will be working towards the path they wish. Until then, those asking for voluntary euthanasia programs are being ridiculously naïve and selfish.

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