Monday, June 20, 2016

Victorian psychiatry (Australia) - it belongs in the Victorian era!

In Australia, there's a state called Victoria. That's where I live, it has the highest per capita, enforced psychiatric violence in the world. Victorian psychiatry hasn't changed much since the Victorian era.

, writes of Victoria's psychiatric regime, in Abolishing Forced Treatment in Psychiatry is an Ethical Imperative 'Garth's family recently moved to another state and took him with them, thus evading the reach of the Victorian Mental Health Act. He is currently being treated as an out-patient on low doses of medication, with no ECT. His family report that his mental state has never been better. Despite the dire claims of his former treating psychiatrists, he has absolutely no signs of psychosis.'

And most tellingly, for the Australian tax payer, 'Niall McLaren has never used ECT. While he was head of department for a total of eight years at two Australian hospitals, ECT wasn’t used at all (McLaren, personal communication). He didn’t bar it, simply made it more difficult for his staff to use it, as they had to justify it by showing there was no alternative. At the same time, the admission rate to the hospital dropped, the average duration of stay dropped and the bed occupancy rate dropped by as much as half. In both hospitals, some time after his appointments had expired and he had moved, ECT was resumed and the bed occupancy rate quickly rose again.' ()

People must see, it imperative that this Federal Election of 2016, psychiatry must be voted out, and most particularly Victoria.

As writes, Forced 'Treatment' is Torture, 'Torture often has a straightforward goal—to break the victim’s will and to intimidate others who fear that torture will also be inflicted on them.  Anyone who has worked or been a patient on a psychiatric ward has witnessed daily attempts to break the will of patients by limiting their freedom and activities, treating them like children, making threats, using physical restraint and isolation, and ultimately inflicting drugs and electroshocks that render the individual helpless. The most profound impact of neuroleptic (antipsychotic) drugs is to render the individual indifferent, apathetic and docile; but the drugs commonly continue to inflict physical and mental torment.'

I have quoted two humane medical doctors here, who are outraged by their colleagues and wish to end this oppressive regime of forced psychiatry, that has no place in a decent society.

I've been writing to all the politicians, in hope that I could get major parties on board in understanding that this horror, that is the tax payer funded psychiatric regime.

I've asked our current PM, who spoke on TV about funding psychiatry, in the flawed understanding that it would stop people from suiciding on the splendid bridge with a view near his residence. I hope he is able to start understanding that suicide is caused by forcing psychiatric drugs.

'Malcolm Turnball -
Why haven't even started to implement the United Nations CRPD as promised, signed & ratified in 2013?

Victims of assault are still being medicalised by psychiatry & suffering forced treatments that harm & do not help.

Do you not know that psychotropic drugs are the cause suicide on your local bridge?

Side-effect 'suicide' on the drug websites!

Would you be open to some education for government officials from psychiatric survivors?

Then I asked another, similar, video question HERE

In my attempts to gain some kind of understanding from politicians, I'm left with only two politicians that openly want to abolish forced psychiatry.
In the NSW Senate, that's Terese Van Lieshout, APP

In Victoria, that's: Glenn Floyd, Independent

That said, I did come across, the Health Australia Party (HAP), that agree that medicine should never be forced.

I am hoping for more solid support for stopping forced & coerced psychiatric treatments, however, I have not received those exact words that give total validation to the harm I and so many psychiatric survivors have suffered, and support and hope for those people still be used as enslaved human laboratory animals by Victoria's horrific Mental Health Act 2014.

The Health Australia Party is once again, the upper house vote, Senate, that's all.

I don't know who to vote for in the lower-house, all I've got is Labor, Liberal, Greens and a pharmacist Independent. None of them, so far, have supported stopping forced psychiatry, in fact they've gone out on a limb to support whitecoats and their horrible torture of us.

There's reasons that parties need to be brave. People subjected to forced psychiatry, who complain about the horrible treatment, don't even get air-play on Community Radio. Instead, all that is allowed are those people who play psychiatry's pet parrots. Even MDs like get cut off in 5 minutes by our radio stations, when they validate the suffering of those being abused by the psychiatric regime. TV is very much the same. Internet, however, psychiatric survivors are somewhat free there.

I was encouraged last year Dr. Rachel Carling-Jenkins (DLP Upper House member in Victoria) asked a question about the forced use of Electro Convulsive Therapy. 'My question is directed to Ms Mikakos in her capacity representing the Minister for Mental Health, Martin Foley, and concerns the administration of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) without informed consent. One advocate became so concerned about the increasing incidence of ECT administered to his son that he appealed directly to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. A reply from the director of the human rights treaties division directed, and I quote:

"Under ... the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ... the state party has been requested [to] take all necessary measures to ensure the suspension of the forced ... (ECT) to Garth Daniels, while his case is under consideration by the [UN] committee."

'While I recognise that it is not Victoria which is a direct signatory to the UN convention, this is still a serious directive. Despite this, Mr Daniels continues to be given ECT against his express wishes. What will the minister do to ensure that serious directives such as this are addressed at a state level?'

The question was dismissed, as something that could not be commented on. 'The privacy of the patient' cited as a reason, was unreasonable, and really just a fob off to protect whitecoats and whitecoterie ministers. Garth continued to be tortured until he and his family moved from the state of Victoria to another state.

I'm hoping the population and all our politicians will eventually see sense and enable the people currently enslaved by psychiatry, as human laboratory specimens, to be free.

Australia must stop enslaving & torturing civilians through Internationally illegal Mental Health Laws.

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