Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dr. Peter Gøtzsche: Forced Psychiatric Treatment Must be Abolished

'You get a drug that you should not have received for many years, it's a medical error.' - Dr Peter Gotzsche.

So if you die from that 25 years young, that people on anti-psychotic drugs are, or you fall because of the dizziness these drugs cause, then it's a medical error. But it cannot be a mere medical error, when it is forced on a person against their will, it is a crime and should be subject to the criminal code - the Antislavery Act.

'The whole idea of psychiatric drugs is a wrong one. We should use psychiatric drugs almost not at all, and never against the patients will.' - Dr Peter Gotzsche. 'We have a system that is not functioning. We will always have deaths from medicine, but not as much as now.'

'It is deeply unacceptable' to be punitive towards a person who is forcefully drugged out of their mind by psychiatry and commits a crime. These drugs cause a person to become overwhelmed by the abuse being inflicted in the name of 'medicine.' It is not help, to say it is help - that's Gaslighting.

Deadly medicines & the organised crime of psychiatry.

People should be able to refuse all medications that contain toxic substances, especially those that contain Propylene Glycol & other petroleum-based substances (all medicines currently contain PG, usually as expedient ie humectant or preservative). People should also be allowed to refuse to go to a hospital space that sterilises its air with Propylene Glycol. There are many other ways for a person to find a way to sleep that doesn't involve using toxic drugs, that can result in anaphylactic shock for some people, and severe pain for many others. What gets diagnosed as 'psychosis' is about a person's body reacting to suffering/stress/oppression, but sometimes the psychosis diagnosis (along with 'schizophrenia') is just about just discriminating against a person's perception. Psychiatry oppresses people more, and belittles medical emergencies, such as allergies, cancer, hernia... psychiatry does not enable a person to gain stability in their life and a position in their community. Psychiatry enslaves people, turning them into laboratory specimens.

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