Monday, June 13, 2016

Regime Survivor votes

Initially NO says: 'Bill Shorten – As the opposition leader at the moment you need to get 25% more votes. Guess what, psychiatric regime survivors make up 25%; we are the Civil Rights Movement of the millennium! We want you to say that forced psychiatric treatments will not continue. We want you to say you will demedicalise and implement the UN CRPD. So that people who identify as having a disability get the support they need, rather than psychiatric abuse. And people who are victims of crime are not being put through the psychiatric system and used as human laboratory animals. You’ve got to say something Bill Shorten, you’ve got to do something, otherwise we won’t know to vote for you.'

We need to know that psychiatric slavery & torture will be stopped.

More about psychiatric slavery HERE

Shorten cannot win unless he addresses this State Violence, the systematic abuses of psychiatry the tax-payer forks out for thinking it's 'care'. Shorten must say he will abolish psychiatry's slavery of Australian citizens. Psychiatry is slavery and Australia has strong antislavery legislation. So why have not the Feds investigated psychiatric slavery yet?  Because the States & federal government  fund this kind of disgusting slavery of its citizens, and our law firms lack training in human rights law. The Civil Rights Movement is outspoken about psychiatry's abuse of quarter of the world's population, enslaving them in diabolical experiments for over 200 years. The people of Australia must stop it, if politicians like Shorten prefer to get into the pockets of whitecoats... and live to regret it. Say something Shorten, or regret forever that you didn't think enough about the people, the people that matter.

Glenn Floyd has also asked Bill Shorten some questions on QandA ABC.

Well said Glenn Floyd, you have my vote. We need intelligent people in Parliament, who stand up for the rights of those people who have been cruelly victim-blamed by 200 year-old propaganda the public should've been able to see-through sooner than 2016. You are a courageous ally to regime survivors.
I expect everyone to be antislavery, as slavery is against the law. The Feds just have to be pushed to realise the need to investigate. And Labour needs to fulfil its promises of implementing the UN CRPD into Australian law. (CRPD law isn't just about psychiatric abuse & other forms of medical abuse. CRPD law is also about making sure that elderly people can get their pushers and wheelchairs into toilets and venues at least have a portable ramp. I met a beautiful brilliant 90 something year-old who can no longer visit most venues to watch friends perform, because she has to use a pusher to walk and venues have no ramps or toilet access for even pushers. Not okay.) CRPD law was agreed & ratified fully in 2013. 3 years have gone by and the implementations have not been happening. I want Shorten to call out the caretaker Govt on this, as he does with other issues.

Children should not be subjected to electric shock and forced drugging. I know many, many adults subjected to psychiatric abuse from a young age - it's so hard for them to get free. Psychiatric abuse that the state endorses, horrific, though there's also the paedophilia rife in the psychiatric profession, that's been covered-up by things like Greek Myths since the time of Freud's fraud.
These children subjected to forced psychiatry, now adults, are not in successful jobs, even though they're intelligent, creative individuals despite being subjected to psychiatry. Why? Because they were and still are being subjected to State Violence.

Psychiatry's belittling of human experience into terms like 'psychosis' is outrageous and dates back to the times medical practitioners were entrenched in phrenology. Visions and voices are diagnosed as 'serious mental illness'... and why? witches, 1st Nations People, they are people who use visions & voices as ways of communicating. It's a very human experience to think in terms of 'other' and collective, nature, earth, rather than a constant monologue of self - playwrights do it, comedians do it. Stop allowing whitecoats to kill all the funny, creative, authentic out spoken people, stop wrecking the lives of young children. Stop oppressing the expression of people that were subjected to genocide.

Does anyone think it really helps to be tied to a laboratory, where McGorry types dictate how a child should live their life, forcing poisons and horrible labels on them, then get awards for it. No more awards for chemical lobotomists! Psychiatrists are the stigma. No one wants to be their slave. And when psychiatrists regularly won't listen to parents, take guardianship of children, or threaten it, then that child is even more likely to be drugged up, verbally abused by psychiatry and subjected to paedophilia. This has got to stop. Some politician has to recognise that the power given to psychiatrists to rule so many innocent people's lives, is just so wrong. Discuss this disgusting!

The reason why we have such a high suicide rate is because, when a person is enslaved as a human laboratory animal, by psychiatrists, tortured 24/7 the rest of their life, they'll find any means to escape that. Most opt for suicide, rather than self-defence, because police & nurses and a society that victim-blames are a formidable force. Garth Daniels, the public figure, who was going to be electric-shocked indefinitely (after already suffering 96 electric shocks & General Anaesthetic procedures), he was lucky enough to have a family who knew what slavery is all about, because they lived through apartheid in South Africa, as an oppressed people. So, he was able to skip state. Not everyone has that support. And what's with Victoria, that you have to skip state to stop being tortured by psychiatrists? It's ridiculous. End the psychiatric regime. Take that $13 billion given to psychiatrists to torture people, and fund social support for people who are suffering crisis. Be humane. And please, no more awards for chemical lobotomisers like McGorry.

Some unfortunate people, who fight back against being forcefully drugged in public hospitals, get put in Thomas Embling, even though they haven't been charged with a crime, but are considered 'violent' because they defended themselves. Then they get beaten up by the actual criminals. Psychiatrists don't want to charge people who act in self-defense, in case those people & 6 million Australians being harmed by psychiatry actually have an opening to speak on mainstream media, they just want to use the prison psych units as threats to keep people blackmailed into agreeing to psychiatrist's whims, lest the punishment gets worse. And, it always can. Garth Daniels was strapped to a bed for 69 days for refusing Closapine. Then they started electric shocking him every second day. They really wanted to break that fella. But he's doing well now, with his family, happy and with a nice social-psychiatrist, who doesn't torture people, rather talks to people. But the whole Daniels family had to leave the state of Victoria to free Garth and support him in recovery from 20 years of State Violence inflicted on him via the State endorsed psychiatric industry.

People who are forced to take treatments are enslaved. If a person takes treatments of their own free-will, they are not. People become distressed when they are enslaved, just as animals do. People will escape in any way they feel they can.

There are the coercion tactics of psychiatrists use (threats to make people involuntary patients and force treatments) so the person complies with treatment. Realise that psychiatric drugs and force treatment is horrific and it is 24/7 indefinitely. Educate yourself so you don't spout those horrible prejudiced psychiatrisms. This is the Civil Rights Movement of the millennium and we're ending this horrorshop regime that is psychiatry in 2016. It has been going on over 200 years too long.

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