Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Justifiable anger at psychiatry

Some people are allergic to tobacco smoke. Some people are allergic to psychiatric drugs. Both tobacco and psych drugs shorten your life-span. Neither of them should be forced on people.
Tardive Dyskinesia is a neurological condition caused by chronic use of neuroleptics, which psychiatrists insist people take for the rest of their natural life.
Psychiatric drugs kill. Life-expectancy becomes 20 years less. Quality of life decreases. Hope dilapidates. Stigma assaults as the effects of these drugs become more and more physically obvious in their irreparable damage.
Luring, trapping and forcing people to believe your delusion is well-understood as the pariah of an abusive cult-leader. So why  does my government call psychiatry ‘medical care’?



  1. Hey NO that was a helluva brutal controlling wild ride you had all those years ago at at the heartless hands of these so called 'PROFESSIONALS'? The removal of your basic human rights, the enforced toxic drugging and the rigid emotional torture is parr for the course for these public purse parasites wanting only to hold you in their evil regimes for monetary gain and not your interests. keep spreading the word, you are helping those who are still being subjected to this wrongdoing; you are changing attitudes but above all you are changing PRACTICE!
    Go Well