Sunday, March 24, 2013


Don’t need to turn up the volume on people

Who’ve been abused by psychiatry.

We’re already LOUD

Because we have every right to be allowed!

We, who’ve been abused by psychiatry

As we have every right to be heard!

Yet… we get told to shut-up, or we’ll be shut-up.

We get our volume turned down, down, down,

By those who say that our thinking is wrong,

That we must be compliant, we must obey

What doesn’t make sense, what is nonsense,

Just lies told to benefit pockets of medical thugs.

And then, the volume is turned up to high

On those masochists who say they are okay

With being drugged by psychiatrists.

Our protest is denied a large audience,

We, the unshushable, are actively

Discriminated against and again, threatened,

Assaulted, abused and forced against our will

To agree to the unagreeable disgust of psychiatry.

Those protesting ill treatment via psychiatry,

Who should be allowed to talk

Are told they are wrong to ever complain

About the hideous brain-damage

Of forced psychiatric treatment regimes.

They are told this harm was ‘care’ and ‘help.’

Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Lies! Packets of lies!

Teams of psychiatric professional torturers

Are brought in to justify their wrong doings

And the media circus does its routine.

Ugly show, ugly show, mean, mean, mean!

Means to an end for justifying their schemes.

And the people who are abused by psychiatry

Are told to keep quiet, or else, or else

They will be forced to suffer more treatments.

Our rights to have an opinion are denied.

Our rights to freedom from torture gone awry

With so-called scientific justifications.

The broadcasters suffer through their imbalance,

As they turn down the volume on the protest;

Those loud angry people who should be allowed,

Those protesting psychiatry erroneously shushed.

The broadcasting media then offer an interview

To a psychiatrist writing a paper about people

He used as ‘subject matter’ for his tests.

Tests to find a pop-a-pill panacea and all the rest

Of the crock that comes with quick-fix charlatans.

This arse-hole laughs and shares time with listeners

And angry ears grow red with this verbal abuse

As he talks about how he helped himself

To some people he labels, ‘mentally ill.’

He vomits out his sickness onto the airwaves.

We, the unshushable want to scream in outrage,

But we keep quiet, knowing who’s in power.

We’re not stupid, we know what happens

When we pipe-up and tell them our all.

But reason is something and sense is sense

And human-rights cannot forever be

Crushed and shushed and made to feel dead;

Social-justice in humanity is too far entrenched.

People may become frightened,

But the truth cannot be forever buried

In a brain-wash of fear-inducing prejudiced

Hoopla that supervises the cash to fund these

Idiotically abusively discriminatory broadcasts.

We reach out from our graves and make a stance,

We show all the past and reflect on the present.

We scream into blogs and places of sanctity.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of the truly sane.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of those

Who think enough to understand beyond

The current cruel dictatorship.

We who are abused by psychiatry

Are unshushable in the minds of the humane.

Anyone who has a conscience knows

They cannot keep their inner-sense down for long,

It rises up and speaks out eventually – loud and clear

Allowed, and so loud, it is unshushable.

Everyone then wonders what the hell

Has been going on to shush the unshushable.

These horrors of psychiatry are unshushable!

When the conscious speaks, its words are


  1. The horrors of psychiatry are unshushable NO so keep it up!! And remember, "if You Don't Fight! -You Loose!!"
    Go Well

    1. I'm going to shush up my editor and say how much I enjoy what you say and understand you, despite my training in this area. You make sense, anyone can see that. You're a humane, lovely man.