Sunday, March 10, 2013

Psychiatry and the devil's pitchfork...

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Inspired by peak body for psychiatric torture the WPA that uses psi and the world in its logo. What particularly annoys me is their use of PR developed from people trying to negotiate better mental health facilities. The WPA uses this to make them look like they're trying to help, when all they want to do is drug people and systematically brain-wash them via threats of more torture, blame and fear-tactics so that the victim will begin to defend their abusive psychiatrist and the harmful treatments (as is common with many victims of torture, particularly when torture is used in conjunction with coersive control.)
The WPA claims to follow the Madrid Declaration, but does not on key paragraphs:

‘3. The patient should be accepted as a partner by right in the therapeutic process. The psychiatrist-patient relationship must be based on mutual trust and respect to allow the patient to make free and informed decisions. It is the duty of psychiatrists to provide the patient with all relevant information so as to empower the patient to come to a rational decision according to personal values and preferences.’

                This is VIOLATED

‘4. When the patient is gravely disabled, incapacitated and/or incompetent to exercise proper judgment because of a mental disorder, the psychiatrists should consult with the family and, if appropriate, seek legal counsel, to safeguard the human dignity and the legal rights of the patient. No treatment should be provided against the patient’s will, unless withholding treatment would endanger the life of the patient and/or the life of others. Treatment must always be in the best interest of the patient.’

                This is VIOLATED


2. Torture: Psychiatrists shall not take part in any process of mental or physical torture, even when authorities attempt to force their involvement in such acts.’

This is VIOLATED routinely in the guise of ‘care’ and ‘medication.’


  1. Perfect analogy, perfect metaphor, perfect 'pitch'! (Fork)
    Go Well NO

  2. They just try to make it look good for the rest of humanity who never had the lived experience. Most people don't understand the torture some of these drugs can produce.

    1. I think it's about time people did start to understand. Thank you for your support, really appreciate it.