Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fry psychiatry!

Johann Christian Reil first coined the term psychiatry 202 years ago, suggested, 'Why not try plunging the lunatic into a bath full of live eels? This is bound to prompt a reaction. Or what about showing them a Katzenklavier, or cat-clavichord? (an instrument played by pressing keys attached to nails which in turn strike the tails of a series of cats arranged with care so as to miaow in tonally sequenced pain.)'

                Yeah, recover from that!

                Psychiatry has such lovely great-granddaddies to its current torture regimes.

                202 years of psychiatric torture! Yay! Bring back the Katzenklavier for the party celebrations! And allow for all those who duped into thinking that it’s a cat parasite that caused their 'schizophrenia' to get revenge!

                Bloody hell. Who in their right mind would quote Reil as an example to be looked up to? Torture advocating idiots!

                Being recruited into psychiatry? You’ll not be a proper doctor, but you'll be a right proper torturer soon, if that’s your direction!


  1. Keep up the pressure Initially NO, looks to me that the psychiatry industry is far more damaging than the Cathololic peadophile Club!! http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/193/1/6.full

    This is a damning indictment by its own who refuse to be part of this institutionalised torture

    Go well

    1. Most of the public are not on the side of the person who was abused by the church, rather than in denial that the church would never do such a thing. Trying to explain to the public that psychiatric treatment is torture, tends to get the public sort of saying, 'well serves you right, you asked for it' and 'it's medicine' and 'how dare you psychiatrists are DOCTORS, pillars of OUR COMMUNITY!' Eventually Australian society will be as horrified as Germans after WW2, but it will take a while for them to come out of their propaganda somnambulance.