Monday, March 18, 2013

When you weigh it all up, what do you think is heavier, a narcotics dealer or a psychiatrist?

One of the reasons for the weight that psychiatrists carry is because the full force of the law backs up their assault. Their regime of forced-drugging has been effectively approved by most governments. Whereas an illegal narcotics-dealer gets the full force of the law on them if they get caught. So, usually narcotics -dealers don’t even want to push their drugs, let alone force people to take drugs. Way too risky! The street-dealer needs to be light-weight and run, if necessary. Very different situation for the psychiatrist. It’s one of the symptoms of being a psychiatrist to be overweight and overbearing and rarely get much exercise. This is mostly due to their huge guilt complex they suppress and their narcissistic laziness of not questioning their peak-body dictators. In fact psychiatrists’ denial, narcissism and misdirected blame weighs so much it would break huge industrial scales. So I don’t know what it would do to the dinky little street dealer’s doll-dish weighing equipment.

                Make 2013 the year for psychiatry to be the biggest loser! Let’s see their heavy weight drop off when psychiatric forced-drugging becomes illegal! Let the courts weigh up damning evidence against the psychiatrists and give hefty sentences, so that the scales of justice will be balanced! Let the psychiatrists’ lies be overturned and damned with further hefty sentencing. Let those who have suffered assault in the second degree via psychiatry no longer be skeletons in society!

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