Saturday, March 16, 2013

Psychiatry skewered by its own pitchfork!

I recently had a relative tell me, ‘Very happy that things are going so well for you, that you're in a lovely relationship, working on good stuff and found the modality of art therapy to be very beneficial. What's best is that I can have a decent chat with you, without any psychotic crap. Thanks! Glad you've worked stuff out.’

After what I thought to be a fairly pleasant conversation, this didn’t seem all that nice.  It seemed rather hurtful. So I said, ‘The word is “symbolic” stuff, rather than “psychotic”. Those things I was saying just needed understanding so I could work out the parallel traumas that have been denied justice and their reality. When people's realities are denied they have no choice to go into a dream/nightmare parallel in attempt to explain what has happened to them. Unfortunately our society does not readily like even art that has harsh realities attached to it, let alone affording a person understanding when they are in such a distressed state.’

My art has been called, ‘challenging’ and ‘disturbing’ by people who probably should never look at art for adults and just focus on children’s picture books. My art is only really disturbing to those who can see that I’m fighting for rights that they deny. Those who understand the validity of my art are people who understand what I’ve been through. People who don’t like snakes, or dragons, or the colour red can gaze at their 'cut flowers in a vase' art…

I tell her, ‘The peer-support movement in mental health is growing now, because people recognise that understanding is essential to healing. People need to be able to tell their truths and have them validated. Symbology isn’t a lie like psychiatry.’

I wondered later, if this relative could be termed ‘anti-psychotic’ and she thought her damning of my symbology was as good if not better than the sickening neuroleptics that get called, ‘anti-psychotic.’ And if I called her a 'pill-head' she'd be okay with that...

                I wondered, therefore, if you could get a pill that was anti-psychiatry and would make the ugly thug disappear from society, or rather its violent traits would be managed. You’d think the anti-psychiatrist movement in the 1970s would’ve developed it seeing they were all psychiatrists.

                Then I thought, na, best just turn its pitchfork into a boomerang so it gets the ugly demon psychiatry in the bum when it tries to lie and cheat and accuse and excuse its crimes against humanity. Let it ooze green vile muck when its pitchfork gets it for calling torture ‘medication’ and causing harm ‘duty of care.’ Let the ugly thug psychiatry that has deluded so many with its bogus ‘science’ find its pitch just bounce back, when people become a bit smarter and wiser to its ridiculous eugenics theories.

                Then words like ‘psychotic’ and ‘mental illness’ and ‘schizophrenic’ won’t be littering the mouths of people who have no idea how offensive those words are.

And no, I’m not anti-psychiatry, because I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m just someone who is really angry about being tortured and told it was ‘for my good.’ Then blamed. Told I was ‘wrong thinking’, ‘psychotic’, 'schizophrenic' and 'ill'. And I must have insight into my 'illness' and must agree to their torture of me and say that their regime of terror was helping me be 'better.'

                Very annoyed that I had to adopt psychiatric terms and phrases and agree that I had a ‘mental illness’ so many times I started to despise myself and wish myself dead. Those memories along with the bodily memories of psychiatric torture are horrible.

                Get the beast in the bum with its own pitchfork! (If someone you know starts thinking outside the range of understood sense, don't be senseless and send them to a normal disabling psychiatrist. Find someone understanding who can actually help recognise their consensual realities, who will ground them in that and allow them recovery.)
Psychiatry skewered by its own pitchfork by Initially NO


  1. Initially NO, this is a fundamental and concise piece of philosophy you have written here and goes to the crux of the psychiatry money grubbing industry that uses these 'demonising-terms' (‘psychotic’ and ‘mental illness’ and ‘schizophrenic’) in a deliberate campaign as vile as homophobia. Their constructed program ((DSM) causes littering of the mouths of uninformed people who have no idea how offensive these words are is 'definately' part of the scheme. It's deliberate intent has even infected your relative to offensively say to you "without any psychotic crap" which could not be more offensive (and utterly wrong) to anyone!!
    Go Well

    1. Always enjoy your encouragements Glenn. Thank you!

  2. I don't know how I could relate, but I relate in the sense that I do obey and I surround myself with those I could obey. I as well talk to my doctors and see with my health stabilized (in more ways than 1), I can truly support psychiatrists as good listeners. As when I have said: "I attribute, my forgetfulness when once 'aware of' good memorization, though (maybe not) could be due to life [and growing]. I have only said to this my psychiatrist. AS of NOW, Am I being too less than anonymous here?

    1. Neuroleptic ‘medication’ shuts down neurotransmitters, this stops the memory from working as effectively as it has previously. I didn’t enjoy being lied to by a psychiatrist that this was my ‘illness’ causing this Alzheimer’s-like condition. I didn’t also enjoy being told that because the neuroleptics stopped my natural menstrual cycle, I’d probably get osteoporosis, but that was okay with the psychiatrist who despite this horrible effect of the neuroleptic, would keep forcing me to take it. I did not enjoy the way the neuroleptic made my metabolism slow down, how it tightened my muscles making it painful to walk and do other exercise, how it made my feet restless at night so I could not sleep… I did not enjoy the way it stopped me from being able to think, blurred my sight so I could not read. And, even when I told my new psychiatrist, he would not listen, just insisted I keep taking the neuroleptic.
      Again and again over a 14 year period I’ve had a bucket load of psychiatrists, probably seen over 200 of them. NONE OF THEM LISTENED. The only psychiatrist I’ve met who is a listening type is Lewis Mehl-Madrona and he doesn’t force medication. Another psychiatrist I’ve seen on YouTube who seems the listening type is Peter Breggin, who is against forcing medication.
      That’s my experience of psychiatry, a bunch of narcissists who judge, but do not listen. I’m not one for obedience when it doesn’t make sense. My mother, when I was living with her, insisted the only music in the house that could be played on the stereo was classical music. Why? Her choice, her opinion, denying my love for various other types of music.
      YOUR CHOICE if you want to shut down your neurotransmitters so you can’t think. It’s where you’re at. Where you want to be. You’re a good obedient little patient. Me? I want to live, work enough to go on holidays, have a libido so I can have sex with my gorgeous man and tell authorities to GO STUFF THEMSELVES LIKE MUSEUM DODOS when they’re wrong. I can’t do all that on neuroleptics. I’m stuffed when I’m on neuroleptics, dead, the living-dead. That is no life for me! So, why should a psychiatrist be permitted via my government to do that to me? It’s wrong. DO YOU NOW, UNDERSTAND?
      And be as anonymous as you like. I don’t mind. (I don’t want you to get paranoid that others are judging you for what you say… or that I’m with it enough to guess who you are.)