Friday, March 8, 2013

What does DSM stand for?

Diagnostic Statistical Manual of psychiatry’s disorder
It’s a…
Disastrously Stupid Manuscript,
Drop Sentence Mistake,
Drug Selling Masturbate,
Damn Shit Milker,
Deadly Shock Murderer,
Deviously Stealing Monies.
Denting Synopsis Mildew
Dopey Snobbish Mugs
Distancing So Much.
Used by…
Disgusting Sexist Manipulators,
Damaging Salacious Misogynists
Derogatory Sadistic Machination.
Do Sue Medicine’s
Doctored Senseless Manoeuvres
Diminish Several Men
Because of their…
Damaging Sickening Mandates’,
Depressing Soporific Medications
Debilitate So Much.
We must…
Ditch Stupid Muck
That has…
Deluded Society’s Many.
Imagine – the DSM VI with 7 billion plus pages… all blank, reinforcing the understanding that thinking is individual and everyone’s life has unique constructs. With a sentence on the last page: Listen to your client and stop judging them, lest they judge you!


Oh, and am really liking the Whitaker website Mad in America, with all its contributors, including this one.

 (NB: If you get too angry about the memories of torture and incomprehensible injustice of it all, create some protest art or a book. That’s what I do to feel like I’m doing something to stop the monster. And remember, change is in the air. It is happening. Civil rights are occurring!)


  1. Hey NO, Civil rights are NOT occurring! -they are BEING MADE TO HAPPEN!!! by valiant courageous movers like you! Keep it up you are making things change, well done

  2. Amusing and inciteing. The ODD Support Group is looking at taking action around the release of the latest DSM in May...